Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Memory of My Father; Hamzah Kusni 1933-2008

In Memory of My Father; Hamzah Kusni 1933-2008
As far as I remember, from the old days, my late father never had much clothing to his name. One pair of old work trousers and shirt, which were of rag quality and had patches, and about two pairs of normal trousers and shirts which he normally wore to market or kenduris. He didn’t have much in line of clothing, when his normal clothes wore out, he would wear it to work. No, my father didn’t need to wear fancy clothes for work. His work was mainly plucking down coconut from coconut tree, using 2-3 long stick of bamboo tied together, with a curved knife at the top end. Coconut tree is usually 20-40 feet high, thus a specialized job.
What else in the line of clothing that my father had? One or two kain pelikat, a songkok and a hat. Songkok is a kind of headwear that he normally wore for prayers, and to the mosque. He wore the hat at work, and to the market. Considering the type of job he did, a pith helmet was more appropriate, I think.
The late Ustadz Ashaari once told us that those people who had nothing much will have easier time during the Counting Time. For each and every thing that we ever owned, we will be asked....
Allah knows, I have way, way too many belongings.

Thanking you in advance for reciting AlFatihah for the benefit of my late father..

Friday, December 17, 2010

pictures from my garden

lettuce for salad anyone? come over..

Amaranth, Mekong Red..or bayam merah.

this one will ripe soon, yum.

pegaga...dulu kat kampung punyalah banyak..