Sunday, December 25, 2011

Like Father Like Son..well almost.

Three years ago, on 22nd December 2008, my father passed away. Please recite AlFatihah for his benefit.

My earliest memory of my father was when I was about 3 years old. I was a bit of a naughty boy back then, always having arguments and fights with my older brother and sister. Whatever the issue was then, i ended up crying loudly, and that day my father came home from his work or errand, and was going to town to buy groceries. So my late father placated me by offering to take me for a ride on the bike to town. I do remember being dressed in short and shirt by my mother and given a ride on the front of the bike, holding the handlebar, and sitting on the steel frame. We went through Batu 7, and passed by the hospital. My father bought his groceries at an Indian Muslim shop near the rice factory. The shopkeeper, asked my father if I was his son. The trip was long, (hey kids get tired easily) and by the time we got home, I was tired. Oh that picture of me..well my father used to wear hat like that, normally green colour, and in that design.