Friday, August 29, 2008

Anwar is bragging, says Taib

Maybe its true, may be the threat of defection on Sept 16 is real.

We should ask question why Taib said that in Malaysiakini. Because he is under threat. He feel threatened. His kingdom of Kenyalang is under threat.
Anwar is a real threat to Taib. If we all know how much Taib and Musa Aman spent at Permatang Pauh, we would geleng kepala until cabut. Does anyone notice Jeanne slips into Sarawak lately? And why did that fellow Michael Something got caught in Hong Kong carrying bagful of cash? Yes because they need the cash badly in Permatang Pauh.

You see, UMNO didnt expect Kak Wan to vacate her seat so suddenly. Instead everyone was gunning for Zulkifli Noordin's seat. Kak Wan take them by surprise. To get the money in place takes a lot of logistics. First, the contributors has to be canvassed first. These contributors wont cough up anything without being patted on their back. Lucrative contracts has to be allocated and promised. Then these contributors has to raise some cash, ie sell their shares in public companies in Malaysia and overseas. You know well that selling shares in bear market is not easy nor profitable.

Lucky for Najib and Pak Lah Taib come into the picture. Looks like Taib disappointed that his investment turned sour. Yes he paid for Sulaiman's Federal position dearly.

Negara Huru Hara Bila Anwar Jadi PM

Yesterday I posted, just the previous posting.
Damn I am surprised that Uncle Sham's blog has "Negara Huru Hara Bila Anwar Jadi PM" with the excerpt from none other than Melaka CM Mohd Ali Rustam. Let me reproduce here;
MELAKA 28 Ogos - Naib Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam percaya negara ini akan menjadi huru- hara jika Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menjadi Perdana Menteri.

Crap! Are Malays and Malaysians that immature? If there is huru hara, we better start asking why. Its because Pemuda UMNO stoking the fire, telling the young Malays that they must defend their land, religion and stuff. Telling lies that the Chinese are taking over their country.
Is this what UMNO come up with to justify their existence? Hence another 50 years to rob and loot the country.

The Schemes of Things - one small possibility

I read with interest the article below written by one Dato' Man, in malaysia-today mirror website. True. I agree with what Dato' Man wrote.
Let me reproduce the article below.
Today on the way back from Oamaru visiting Pak Tam, I discussed the latest event with my friend.
He came up with this theory, that the grand scheme of things is to make Malaysia 'huru hara'. And to make a 'huru hara', you have to build up to the situation, you have to whip up the people sentiment. The 'liwat' 2nd edition, BN losing Permatang Pauh, Anwar comeback, petrol price increase, are all part of the grand scheme.
"Did you notice that the situation is getting worse by the day?" he asked, "Yes true".
At the moment all UMNO people and their cronies has all taken out their monies and park them overseas. "Did you realise why Maybank bought an Indonesian bank?"
"That is to transfer wealth." I concur. The sharemarket has been losing value since last year, or long before that. They are taking their money out, as fast as they can without people realising it. Now life in Malaysia is very difficult, all business has been bolot by UMNO and their cronies. No one else has any chance. They wrote ridiculous contracts that enrich themselves, and make the rakyat pay for generations to come.
Pak Lah as PM doesnt really care, as good as useless, he let his SIL run the Govt. Then Najib is not good either. When Anwar come into Parliament, he will question a lot of things, make peace to DAP, Hindraf and let them 'besar kepala'. Unlike America, our race relation is very fragile. As long as the Indians and Chinese doesnt question about the place of Islam in the Constitution of the country, and the place of the bumiputras in the country, all will go well. But that is the flash point. The minute they besar kepala...the Malays will revolt. Then the economy will start going down the drain. Money and investment will flow out. Unemployment will be higher, harga barang mahal. Susah cari kerja. Susah buat bisnes.
Bila rakyat susah, tak ada kerja, rakyat akan bangkit, revolt.
The country will become huru hara.
So then, Agong will declare emergency and take over. Askar Melayu Diraja will take control of the situation and Agong and the Governors will take over. They will then fire the cabinet and appoint new cabinet. Malaysia will be ruled by monarchy. There will not be any more democracy. LIKE BRUNEI!

What do you think? Too far fetched?

No more looting by UMNO!

BN has lost the plot completely (malaysia Today)
Thursday, August 28, 2008 3:45 PM

By Dato' Man

This morning, Wednesday, 27 August 2008, I received an SMS saying this : "TMNet blocking MT. Need to get in via mt.harapanmalaysia. com". So I had to type it in to access MT. If true it simply shows that the BN is becoming more brain dead than before. They are beginning to behave erratically in panic, clutching at straws.
Well as expected the BN has lost the watershed Permatang Pauh by elections. Anwar Ibrahim has increased the majority to over 15,000 votes.

But not everyone in the BN is panicking. Another friend called, someone very close to the Government. He said that he was just with the Prime Minister this morning and he said that the PM was calm and relaxed and totally unworried about their loss in Permatang Pauh. This is exactly the problem with the BN (among a thousand other problems of course).

The PM totally does not care about what is going on around him. After losing five States and the 2/3 majority he actually said, 'We have won big'. Now he couldn't be bothered after losing Permatang Pauh.

The BN does not realise that they have stopped caring for the people, from a long time ago. And the people know this and they are fed up with the BN. Like a married couple on the verge of permanently breaking up, every single thing the BN does now is an irritant to the people. Every single pronouncement they make, every single Press statement they make, every single public appearance of the BN's leaders only elicits the peoples' anger. The amount of disgust and hate for the BN is simply unbelievable.

And the BN is relentless in whipping up the peoples' hatred towards themselves. The Saiful Bukhari swearing at the mosque (with his father sitting beside him) was totally disgusting. The BN has shown the world that they (or at least Saiful and his father) have no sense of decency. Tak ada malu langsung. To go to a mosque and declare publicly that 'my arse has been penetrated by so and so's penis'.

But the BN is still relentless. Then came the revelation that the Menteri Besar of Pahang, who by the way is an UMNO man, is leading a consortium that has bid RM18.0 BILLION to string up a WiFi system in the Klang Valley. And they were trying to undercut an earlier bid by TMNet for RM11.3 BILLION. RM18 BILLION? RM13 BILLION? Menteri Besar of Pahang? Wow! There is no slowing down.

The same Government friend who called said it is no more stealing or thievery. Now it is just wholesale looting.

Yesterday they tried ramming the DNA Bill through Parliament. These jokers are real bummers at choosing the timing. Everyone knows that the DNA Bill is designed to force Anwar Ibrahim to provide his DNA sample, again for the Saiful Bukhari liwat allegations. But the people simply do not care anymore about who liwats whom. They know this is a political persecution.

The Government will get the DNA Bill passed, they will get Anwar's DNA sample and they will prosecute Anwar for sodomy in Court. It is also likely that they will find him guilty and jail him again. But the BN will then lose the election. Even if Anwar is not convicted the BN will still lose the election. No one cares anymore about what Anwar did or did not do. People just hate the BN more.

Every single thing the BN does now simply irritates the people more and more. This morning they shut down the roads around KL for the Merdeka Parade rehearsals, causing massive traffic jams. Everyone was cursing the Government again. Why cant they have the Merdeka Parade somewhere far away like in Putrajaya? Isnt it enough that we have to pay high petrol prices and suffer traffic jams? Do you have to make things worse by closing the roads too? No one is even flying the flag anymore. People just dont feel happy anymore. There is no 'Merdeka' mood. Zero.

Before the Permatang Pauh by election, the Police set up roadblocks on the N-S Highway leading north. But they were not real roadblocks. They simply closed one lane and forced the traffic to squeeze through the remaining lane. This caused massive jams on the N-S Highway leading north. Why piss the people off for no good reason? What are you trying to prove? That you are stupid?

This alone is sufficient to sink the BN permanently. But there are other things for the BN to consider seriously. The majority of the Malays are just not buying anymore of the 'ketuanan Melayu' and 'hak orang Melayu' issues. These are dinosaurs from UMNO's Jurassic Park. The Malays are not worried about these issues anymore, maybe because there are now a larger majority of Malays and no Malay really believes that they will lose their political power.

But everyone is completely fed up with the non performing PM, his family, the Altantuya case, the DPM's wife, the Government's arrogance and high handedness, the massive corruption that is going on unabated, the poor economy, the looting by members of the Cabinet, the persecution of the bloggers and anyone who goes against the Government, the lack of direction for the country, the poor economic prospects for the Malays and on and on. People want a complete change.

If the BN had any smarts at all they would change the whole team. As one UMNO member said the whole UMNO Supreme Council must resign. The PM and his whole Cabinet should resign and just go away. The entire BN leadership must resign and go away. A completely new team must take over.

The Permatang Pauh by election saw the BN spending tens of Millions of Ringgit. The BN never expected to win but they seriously wanted to decrease the PK's majority. Despite all that money and Nagib's almost daily presence the BN lost big again. The writing is clearly on the wall. Things will not get better for the BN anymore.

When the sodomy trial starts, it will only get murkier. Assuming the trial drags for a couple of years the people will only get more angry. If the trial is quick and Anwar is found guilty people will get angry too. If Anwar is acquitted the people will get even more angry. Either way the BN is screwed. We are actually witnessing the last throes of the BN's grip on power.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Harapkan Pagar tapi dia pulak makan Padi.

Alangkah malunya manusia manusia ini.

Bergembar gembur dia melaungkan ketelusan, amanah dan keikhlasan,
Maka kita semua percaya akan mereka.
Maka rakyat Perak mengundi mereka untuk menjaga kepentingan rakyat.

Alahai, bagai kata pepatah Melayu,
Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

Laporan ini di Malaysiakini. KLIK di sini

Kenapa pula kita tidak percaya.
Kan BPR dah tangkap mereka.

Inikah golongan manusia yang kita pilih.
Kalau dah asal mereka dari kelik itu, UMNO, BN.
Maka perangai mereka masih tak ubah juga.

Lanjutan laporan dari Malaysiakini KLIK di sini.

Kenapa pula Ngeh perlu pertahankan mereka.
Memang betul mesti di adili dulu.
Itulah, kalau tak buat, tak mungkin orang nak tangkap.

Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cold, Wet and Snowed Under.

It has been raining all night. Not heavy rain, but slow persistent drip that never stop. Then at 4am, it all gone quiet. No sound, nothing. I looked outside. Snowflakes falling slowly, like manna from heaven. White and fluffy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zul not ISA-ed

So says the cops.

Read HERE in Susan Loone's blog.

Photos from MAHAGURU58 here.

Zulkifli Noordin: MIA

Our YB from Kulim Bandar Baru is missing. His website is down, only open to invited members apparently. Which means he or someone else who has the password has changed the setting.

read some of the discussion thread:

Police Deny Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Held Under I.S.A.

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 (Bernama) -- Police today dismissed as a rumour talk that Kulim-Bandar Baharu Member of Parliament Zulkifli Noordin was detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) last night.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said it was a rumour probably started by irresponsible people.

He advised the people not to allow themselves to be influenced by such rumours.

Ismail said the police would investigate the Internet blogs said to have published news of the alleged detention.

Zulkifli, 46, of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) was among the people who had gathered to protest the Bar Council's forum on conversions to Islam here yesterday.

He also led a four-member delegation to state the demonstrators' position to the forum organisers.

Zulkifli was detained under the ISA for 60 days from Sept 29 1998 for involvement in the "reformasi" (reformation) movement, along with PKR advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.



ada link tambahan misteri kehilangan YB Zul

http://politikcelup ar.blogspot. com/2008/ 08/cilaka- mana-yang- colek-yb- zul.html
Can anyone update the status on YB Zul

tried to go to zul's webpage, but it said only to invited readers,
now that zul is missing...
who would have done it?????????? ???

i bet he is in kamunting at the moment. in the process of being turned over.
Politically UMNO gain milage (popularity wise) from this Bar Council forum thing. and that the demo further fan the Malay uneasiness and fear of the DAP and other non Malay based parties components of Pakatan.
In some ways, Zul has become an asset to UMNO, if they could turn him over.
Look, some Ameno leaders, like Zahid Hamidi are of the same opinion with Zul on this issue of Majlis Peguam holding the forum. Even Dolah and Syed Hamid.
I hadnt read anything from PAS. But then I havent look at harakahdaily.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Anwar Charged: But Who Benefit (politically)?

Malaysian politics is in flux. The Govt is not stable since the March 8 election. Bn political fortune is at the lowest ebb ever. Anything that represent UMNO and BN is not popular with the people.
After March 8 election, Pakatan political clout was highest, Anwar political fortune and influence was high. But then he kept on talking about forming a Govt before Sept 16. Over and over again. I got fed up hearing it. People got fed up. Promises promises, so where is the promised crossover?
I believe that just before this sodomy allegation come out, his political fortune started to wane already.
Najib and Abdullah Badawi had their popularity slumped to the lowest ever. Yes Muhyiddin's political clout increased, and he is coming up like a dark horse. He has already indicated that he is interested in the top job. By not talking much and doesnt make any statement about Anwar's case, he would be seen and Mr Clean, well cleaner than the others. It would be a case of last man standing I suppose. Tengku Razaleigh also benefit in the popularity, and if he can garner enough nomination in the next UMNO AGM, that would be good for him, he might have a chance to get the top job.

BUT who benefit most?

In my opinion, none other than Anwar himself. With this Permatang Pauh by-election, he succeeded in turning the table on his nemesis. When you look at it, it is a shrewd move. The road to Parliament is clear for him, barring Allah's will between now and the polling day. You dont expect him to make silly mistakes like not signing nomination form do you?

There is still something niggling in my mind.. WHAT IF Anwar was the the one who engineered all this himself? WHAT IF Saiful Bukhari Azlan and Anwar planned all this? Now its clear that Saiful was not sodomised, nor engaged in "that" act? Truth come out sooner or later. And the truth has come out easier than we might think, given that normally medical report is "Private and Confidential".

The Hospital Pusrawi Medical Report

This report is in Malaysia-today.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Circa 1740, Europeans sailed all over the world


Discovered skull could rewrite New Zealand's history books
Tue, 05 Aug 2008 8:40p.m.

A skull believed to be that of a European woman from 300 years ago has been found on the banks of a Wairarapa river.

The find was a big enough of a mystery to warrant an investigation by the Masterton coroner, who called in the forensic pathologists.

"She was obviously female and her age was obviously assessed at 40 to 45 years of age," coroner Jock Kershaw said.

Carbon dating indicates that the skull is at least 250 years old.

"You're looking at perhaps a European female wandering around the 1740s," Mr Kershaw said. "Which is much earlier than I understood there to be a European settlement."

The skulls was found three years ago by a local man, after a flood exposed it on the bank of the Raumahunga near Featherston in the Wairarapa and the find is against the flow of history and the tides.

"It's possible that a group of explorers capsized and a body got washed up in New Zealand," Jock Phillips from the Encyclopaedia of New Zealand speculates," But that would have been washed up on a West Coast beach. It wouldn't of ended way up in the Ruamahunga River."

Sealers and whalers did not arrive in the area until the 1790s, so for a woman to be found from the 1740s is definitely a turn-up for the history books.

"If that was going to be the case you'd expected other sorts of evidence," Mr Phillips says. "There would have been oral evidence within the Maori community. There'd be literary evidence, people writing about it. There'd be other artefacts, other skulls that were found none of those things have happened."

Another local research institute is offering to do further DNA tests on the skull.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

POP QUIZ By TAY TIAN YAN/ Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily

Hey guys this is fun and funny to read!
my answer is the one highlighted.

By TAY TIAN YAN/ Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily

Malaysians have a series of questions in their minds recently. They are about human science, legal knowledge and some human behaviours.

1. How long is the valid period for DNA?
A. One day
B. One year
C. 10 years
D. forever

2. Why do they need new DNA?
A. The old DNA has exceeded the valid period
B. The old DNA is lost
C. They do not know how to use the old DNA
D. The old DNA belongs to somebody else
my answer: so they can use the new DNA sample for planting evidence

3. What is the role of a sworn statement?
A. Those who believe will believe and those who do not believe can just forget about it
B. It depends on whether the police believe it
C. It has no role
D. It depends on whether it is the first or the second sworn statement

4. The consequences of making a sworn statement
A. Will be charged
B. Will be protected
C. Will disappear
D. Will have to go for a long vacation

5. The highest risk industry in Malaysia
A. Politician
B. Detective
C. Blogger
D. Photojournalist
cant answer this, I havent been threatened yet

6. Why Anwar was arrested before the deadline?
A. Anwar intended to run away
B. The police was rushing for lunch
C. The police was rushing to treat Anwar curry rice
D. Massive traffic jams
what deadline? so he can be made to dissapear
7. What is the major cause of traffic jams?
A. To encourage the public to take LRT
B. To encourage consumption as Petronas's profit surged
C. To prove that imported cars are as slow as local-made cars during traffic jams
D. To prove that the police did take action
hey if everyone take bus or LRT, there would be less vehicle on the road, and trffic jam problem will be solved

8. What were the people trapped in traffic jams thinking?
A. Dare not to drive next time
B. Understand the police's hard work
C. Join demonstrations
D. Hope that the general elections will be held soon
my answer: they should be thinking of walking/cycling/motorbike to work. apathy doesnt help.

9. The feelings when watching the debate between Anwar and Shabery
A. Understand the reasons of increasing fuel prices
B. Finally understand why fuel oil prices should not be increased
C. Watch your mouth when you speak
D. Watch out for your saliva when you speak

10. The feelings after watching the debate between Anwar and Shabery
A. Very brave
B. Very pathetic
C. Goodbye, minister
D. Why didn't the government recruit Mahathir?
my take: that would be fun watching Mahathir vs Anwar
11. Who should answer when children ask what is "sodomy"?
A. Parents
B. The Police Force
C. The Attorney-General
D. The Minister of Education
children who said that shuold wash their mouth with soap.

12. If a child asks what is "sodomy", it shows that
A. He can be a policeman
B. He can be a prosecutor
C. He can join politics
D. He is destined to be a Malaysian
he should cover his ears its the dirty words

13. Additional question by oknyua by oknyua, July 23, 2008 | 12:16:13
Fifteen cars came to arrest 61 year-old Anwar. The police used ski-masks and held automatic guns. Why did they need 15 cars?
a. Dato' Anwar is a Jacky Chan's and Jet Li's sifu.
b. Dato' Anwar can evaporate into thin air like magic.
c. Dato' Anwar has the power equivalent to 15 "badangs."
d. The police actually needed two men to arrest him, but the others followed because they wanted to have a look at Nurul Izzah.
my answer: all of the above

Monday, August 04, 2008

NZ economy slips deeper into recession

What a difference can be in a week. Last week mark the tell tale sign of New Zealand economy slips deeper into recession. Well, truth is the recession is gathering momentum for the past year. Since financial crisis in finance sector of the economy, over 20 finance companies have closed door due to run in deposit. One by one they fall like dominoes. When property companies and house buyers face trouble, their lenders would also face trouble. This has been going on for the past year. Now it get worse.
Last week mark a new day. A property investment fund, AMP Capital New Zealand freezes money because of a run on investment. ie more people withdrawing than people join and invest.


Then New Zealand dollar, the kiwidollar as they fondly call it in forex market fall vis-a-vis USD from 75cent to 72cent.

The Reserve Bank Governor has lowerwed the benchmark interest rate by 25 basis point last week. That contribute to lower kiwidollar as the difference with other currencies interest rate is less, make it less attractive.

Over the weekend, the opposition leader fight back.

Yesterday, Opposition leader John Key announced a raft of tax cut and Govt infrastructure spending to the tune of NZ$5billion to kickstart the economy should National Party get elected. Very Keynesian.
About time and probably that just what we need to kickstart the economy. Job losses is predicted to hit 45000 by next quarter, and unemployment is predicted to hit 5%.

Meanwhile, it has been raining cats and dogs here for the past week.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Petronas in the Top 20 most Profitable

The Top most profitable is surely Exxon Mobil at USD$40 plus billion.

On the global ranking of Most Profitable, Petronas is Ranked 8th.

This year, the ranking of Most Profitable is littered with oil companies.


In the equity to profit ranking, Petronas is No 1 in the world.


See more Global 500 data for Petronas
Global 500: See the full list
Rank: 95
Profits ($millions): $18,118.40
Change from 2006: 40.9%

Profits surged over 40% for Malaysia's largest company last year. The state-owned gas firm capitalized on the price of crude, selling Malaysian crude oil at $68.50 per barrel during the fiscal year 2007, up 11.2% from the previous year.

The company contributes more than a third to the Malaysian government's annual budget.

The Blog of Saiful Bukhari Azlan

Here is the link.


I believe his blog will have huge number of hits very soon. Depending on how often he write and update the website.

I am also wondering if this is REAL, not FAKE.