Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kenapa Seluar Teoh Koyak II

I saw this comment in Malaysia-today, i think this theory has some credibility.

written by ez24get, July 18, 2009 17:07:54
I think the key to TBH's death is the badly ripped pants that he is wearing. It looks like a large part of his pants is totally ripped away. If you look at the photo he was sprawling face down but the ripped pants was facing up. That probably meant that the pant was not ripped when he fell down but before he fell down. There were no sharp edges at the window that could have ripped his pants if he had jumped out of the window. Where are the other parts of his pant? That would give a big clue to what happened.

There could be a possibility he was subjected to another round of interrogation between 8.00am to 1.30 pm (when his body was found). Remember there was an unaccounted time between he was seen napping at the couch in the wee morning hours and the time he was found at 1.30 pm. He did not want to go home most probably because he was told that there was going to be another round of interrogation at 8.00am and he just stayed at the MACC office instead of going through the hassle of office traffic jams coming back again in the morning. Or he is still being detained but allowed to take a nap in the MACC office which is the more likely scenario. Who doesn’t want to go home if there is no further need for him to be at the MACC? Why should he commit suicide if he was to be married the next day and more over he is not the accused but a witness. So the Director of Investigation Sukri was lying through his teeth when he said he did not know what happened between 6.00am to 1.30 pm when his staff heard the screams. He did however mention that he was supposed to attend another meeting at 8.00am.

He probably attended another round of interrogation from 8.00am. But this time the interrogation is probably more intense, intimidating and worst than the day before! That's where Sukri is afraid to tell the press lest his department would be questioned on the techniques of interrogation and accountable for his death! His body language on the TV interview reveals the traits of a lying man! He said to the best of his knowledge there were no CCTV. No CCTV in MACC? Or if there were to be found CCTV, he would just claim ignorance stating that it is to his best knowledge. He couldn’t account for the time from 6.00am to 1.30pm at all? That is strange!

I would speculate the interrogators probably intimidated him by holding him out of the window by clutching at his pants threatening to release him if he had not agreed to frame his fellow colleagues. He could have been brought to another building where it is convenient to do that act of intimidation. But the pants ripped and TBH went falling down with his face down frantically using his hands to try breaking the fall. Hence the unique face down position of his fall and the explanation of his ripped pants!

Kenapa Seluar Teoh Koyak?

WHy did his trousers ripped? See picture.

I also guess that he might hit the ground shoulder first, which might indicate that he might be alive until he hit the ground.

As for the ripped trousers, I believe that someone, or some people might be holding on to his legs and trousers out of the windows before he fall. Alas, the strength of this person or people (if more than one) is not enough to hold on to him.
This person's (or people's) intention could be just scaring Teoh, eg by threatening to let him go from their grip, but Teoh might have struggled and they couldnt hold on to him, so Teoh fall to his death.

Well thats just my theory, you might have one better.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The unfortunate young man panicked. He went ballistic when he saw the distance he would have to travel before hitting the ground floor. He struggled.

and the rest in history..

at least thats RPK's theory. I also believe thats whats happened.

Notwithstanding what DPM Muhyiddin tell us, 'nasi sudah menjadi bubur' or as they say in English, things has turned into custard..
This event, will change Malaysian political landscape. Yes I am sure of it.
You see even DPM Muhyiddin has given up, as well as Khir Toyo.
This has changed the people's sentiment towards BN, whatever BN says or do.


READ more in Malaysia-today.

This has been going on for far too long. The MACC acts like God. They kidnap families and torture those they arrest. They threaten those they interrogate with death if they refuse to talk.

by Raja Petra Kamarudin


The writing was already on the wall very much earlier. Alarm bells were wailing like banshees. But this was largely ignored. It was ignored because it was Malaysia Today that had triggered the alarm bells. Malaysia Today is not the most reliable source. It does not offer the best of information. What Malaysia Today dabbles in are rumours and innuendoes.

When the Anti-Corruption Agency, now called the MACC, kidnapped the family of a police inspector, Malaysia Today raised the alarm. They had kidnapped the wife and child of a police inspector who had investigated a Chinese underworld boss on the instructions of a higher-up with the rank of ASP.

The inspector was just doing what his boss had ordered him to do, and that was to open a file and launch an investigation into the activities of the Chinese prostitution, loan shark, drugs and gambling syndicate. And this resulted in the detention of three syndicate bosses.

What the MACC wanted the police inspector to do was quite simple. They wanted him to change his report so that the three underworld bosses can be freed from detention.

And he would have to do that if he wants to secure the release of his family.

The police inspector refused to do that. Instead, he made a police report. And so did his wife. But nothing was done about the matter. The MACC officers were not arrested and dragged to court on kidnapping charges.

The MACC then leaked information to the media that they are investigating a very senior police officer, the Director of the CCD, for the crime of not declaring RM27 million worth of assets. The fact that MACC investigations come under the Official Secrets Act was not a hindrance. After all, the OSA is only used against opposition supporters and not against those who serve those who walk in the corridors of power.

Nevertheless, the Director of the CCD was finally not charged for not declaring RM27 million in assets. He was charged for using police property for his personal reasons, something that all government officers, ministers and politicians do blatantly every day of the week. But his real crime is that he detained several Chinese underworld bosses who control the prostitution, loan shark, drugs and gambling business all over Malaysia.

Then they arrested the lawyer who acted for the CCD Director. The MACC officers came to his office on the eve of Hari Raya and handcuffed him after roughing him up like one would do to an armed bank robber. To ensure that the lawyer suffered the greatest embarrassment this Hollywood-style arrest was done in full view of the entire office.

Malaysia Today wrote about all this. Malaysia Today not only wrote about all this but Malaysia Today repeated the stories again and again to make sure no one would say they somehow missed the story. But still nothing was done. No one denied the story. More importantly, no one did anything about what Malaysia Today revealed.

The MACC has been a tool of those who walk in the corridors of power for a long, long time. Officially, Barisan Nasional has 14 component members with Umno as the lead partner. Unofficially, Barisan Nasional has seventeen component members. The Election Commission is the fifteenth component member of Barisan Nasional, the Malaysian police the sixteenth, and the MACC the seventeenth. They all serve the interests of Umno and the Prime Minister.

The writing was already on the wall very much earlier. Alarm bells were wailing like banshees. But this was largely ignored. It was ignored because it was Malaysia Today that had triggered the alarm bells. Malaysia Today is not the most reliable source. It does not offer the best of information. What Malaysia Today dabbles in are rumours and innuendoes.

“Where is the smoking gun?” they ask. “Show me the body!” they demand. No gun, no body, then no crime has been committed.

Well, today, there is a body. It is the body of a most unfortunate Chinese opposition member who was arrested and tortured by the MACC officers. Yes, he was tortured. And he was tortured because the MACC wanted him to talk.

But he could not talk. He could not talk because there was nothing to talk about. The MACC wanted him to finger his comrades in the opposition. They wanted him to implicate his friends in the opposition for various crimes that the MACC alleges had been committed by those in the opposition.

He tried to explain that he is not being stubborn. He tried to explain that no crime had been committed. He tried to explain that he could not possibly implicate his comrades in the opposition for various crimes if these crimes are merely a figment of the MACC’s imagination.

So they continued to torture him. And he could no longer stand the torture. After all, he is not the macho type of man. He is but a gentle man who only wanted to get married this weekend. That was all that he wanted.

They threatened to kill him if he refuses to talk. With tears running down his cheeks he begged for mercy and pleaded with them not to harm him. They threatened to throw him off the top floor if he refuses to talk. Sobbing like a baby he went down on his knees and begged for his life.

They dragged him across the room and opened the window. Then something went terribly wrong. It was supposed to be just a threat. They just wanted to put fear in him. They did not really want to throw him off the top floor. They just wanted him to see what the ground floor looks like from the top floor.

The unfortunate young man panicked. He went ballistic when he saw the distance he would have to travel before hitting the ground floor. He struggled. They could not hold onto him. Gravity took over and the life of this young man was prematurely snuffed out.

The MACC then announced that they had released him the night before. They failed to announce that they had not released him from custody but released him from this world. Then they suddenly found his body the day after. He jumped. He committed suicide. He took his own life. He was never tortured. He was not dragged to the window with the threat that they would teach him how to fly.

This has been going on for far too long. The MACC acts like God. They kidnap families and torture those they arrest. They threaten those they interrogate with death if they refuse to talk.

And now one young man has really died. But no one will be punished. No one will be punished because they will say the young man took his own life. Why he took his own life no one knows. He was never tortured. He was never threatened with death. He was not made to look how far down the ground floor is. He was not accidentally dropped when he panicked and struggled and they could not get a good grip on him.

That is what they will be telling you and me later today.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Maid Issues; In Malaysiakini

my writing appear in Malaysiakini today.
I might as well cut and paste other people's writing on the same issues

Move towards being a 'maid-less' society
Noor Hamzah
Jun 30, 09
We should do away with 'maids', either foreign or local. All these years living in the West, I hardly encounter any Western family who employs maids in their households.

I have seen advertisements for 'home helpers', a few hours a week worth of work, to take care of kids after school, or another few hours a week to help with household chores, but not full-time maids. In fact, you can hire 'home helper' on a regular basis, but they are not called maids.

At the government level, we should legislate that anyone who works, either in domestic or commercial premises, should be compensated accordingly and be accorded rights under the law, ie, they should get at least minimum wage as well as Sosco and EPF contributions.

A worker is a worker whether local or foreign and they should get the same rights and benefits.
Yes, we know that Malaysia doesn't have any minimum wage law, but it's never too late to act now and legislate a minimum wage law now.

Enterprising Malaysians might set up 'Early Childhood Education Centres' in housing areas and villages, and charge parents by the hour. So parents can leave their young children at these centers before going to work, and pick up their children after work. In fact there are already businesses of this nature in the country.

High income parents might not have problem sending their children to Early Childhood centres, but low-income families might not be able to afford it.

Therefore, the government should subsidise low-income families so that they may be able to send their children to these centers, even for limited number of hours/days. Some households or parents should be encouraged to run this business, taking in children from the neighbourhood.
'More money that the government will have to pay out' you might say, but the cost-saving by not importing foreign maids would be in the hundreds of millions. Furthermore, we would be employing locals and reducing unemployment.

For those who can afford to employ 'home helpers', they must pay at least minimum wage as well as other obligations like workers' insurance, Soco and EPF contributions.

It is more desirable that in a two-parent (husband and wife) family with young children, one of them stay home to raise the family. The government should encourage this by giving better tax breaks and subsidies, so that they don't end up living in poverty.

My maid doesn't want a weekly day off
Dr MA Nair
Jun 30, 09
Indonesia's decision to 'hold-on' to the sending of maids to Malaysia must be a knee-jerk reaction. Indonesia should not come up with a blanket ruling to ban maids from working in Malaysia just because of some isolated cases of abuse by some Malaysian employers.

Not all maids are abused and ill-treated and not all employers are mean in this country. Let's be more pragmatic about the whole issue.

The ideal way to resolve this problem is for the Malaysian authority to come up with a proper and periodical 'check-on-maids' procedure to protect maids from being abused.

The government can come up with a rule on this and try to convince the Indonesian government that 'we are serious' when it comes to maid abuse in the country. Malaysians do not condone maid abuse and this is our stand. Our culture abhors this despicable and inhuman act.

And to those who employ maids, please be generous, gentle and kind to them. I have this to share with you all.

Why should we ill-treat our maids? Is it necessary that maids are given a day off each week? These are the two issues being hotly discussed by many interested parties in the country.

Essentially, a maid is as human as anyone else. A maid should be treated with respect. If you are kind to her she will, in turn, be kind to you. But then, some would say that there are bad apples among them. But then, there are also bad apples among the employers.

If a maid cannot perform her duty to the employer's expectation, a respectful way of rejecting her is by sending her back to the agency, or courteously making them return to their home country. Torturing her is shameful and dishonourable.

These maids are poor women who have to come to this country to seek a decent living. It is poverty that has driven them to this country. Some have left their children and loved ones to come here to earn a living. They hence deserve to be treated sensibly.

Of course, employers cannot expect faultlessness in them. As employers, we need to bear with their inadequacies and inexperience and learn to be tolerant with them. With time, they would be able to adjust and adapt to our expectations. If still they fail you, send them back gracefully.

As for a day off each week, it all depends on the maid. When I mentioned this matter to my maid, she responded politely, 'Tak perlu Pak. Nanti bikin susah semua orang.'

I understand why she responded this way. She has been with us for the past 15 years. She would only go out of the house with us or with our children. She has demanded nothing from us more than what we pay her. Neither do we pay her a fortune.

She is not bothered about that and had never asked for a salary rise since. The reason is, she finds it happy to stay with us and that matters most to her. Her secret desire in life is to perform the Haj one day. We have decided to help her fulfil this wish.

What's more, we have treated her just like one of us. We have taken her as part of our family. Our children are more attached to her as she spends all her time with them when we are busy with our jobs. We eat whatever she cooks. We often seek her opinions on matters that we find difficult to resolve as parents.

On her part, she is willing to learn anything she can to please our family. My children have officially included her as part of the family in all the forms they fill up in when at school. When we are away or outstation, she takes charge of the house and the children.

She has lived with us with a lot of trust built in. This attachment has made us feel that she is indeed a faithful human and is essentially part of our family unit.

We are not saying that all maids are the same. We consider it very lucky to have a maid who has stayed with us this long. On our part, it all boils down to how we treat her. We treat her well and she has treated us well in return.

This formula has worked for us and we are happy about it. We also hope that this formula will work for others. So when we offered her a day off each week, she does not want it. Thus, let it be the way she decides. This makes us a lot happier.

Maids need time away from their employers too
Dennis Madden
Jun 29, 09
I refer to the comment in the Malaysiakini report Jail those who break their quarantines.

The writer wrote: 'My current maid has a scheduled rest day on Sundays. She goes to church with us in the morning where she socialises with her friends; she joins us at a local mall for lunch and some window shopping.

'In the afternoon, she rests in her room - no need to take care of kids or clean the house. I have let her go out with friends on certain public holidays, dropping her off and picking her up as well as giving her pocket money.

'We treat her as one of the family and provide her everything she needs, often at no expense to her at all.

'I believe I'm a fair and considerate employer, and I think this arrangement, built on mutual respect and trust, has worked out well for both parties.'

And I say, 'Oh what hypocrisy, oh, what a devilish attitude you have towards other human beings.

You don't say how old is your maid is but it seems like you are treating her like a 13-year-old.

So you take her to church with you, do you? How generous of you. Does she get to choose whether she wants to go to church with you?

And then you allow her to go window-shopping and lunch with you at the local mall. No doubt you take your children along with you to and expect you maid to deal with any problems that arise.

'In the afternoon she rests in her room'. Where she is still potentially under your thumb. Has it ever occurred to you that after living 24 hours a day, seven days a week with you, she might actually want some time for herself?

'I have to let her go out with friends on certain holidays...dropping her off and picking her up and giving her pocket money'. So generous...and how controlling

And then we come to the final insult and the oh-so-Malaysian touch... money
'We treat her as one of the family and provide her everything she needs, often at no expense to her at all.

Malaysians have become 'unabashed hypocrites'
CH Ong
Jun 26, 09
I refer to the Malaysiakini report Shocking! Maids are humans too.

A few examples from a long list to show that Malaysians have become big, ugly and unabashed hypocrites:

1. Many Malaysians love to buy and own residential properties on hill slopes and hill tops.

After they have moved into their hill slope and hill top homes, they demand that the owners of the remaining undeveloped private land should not be allowed to develop the hill slope and hill top land.

They conveniently forget that their own homes are sitting on hill slopes and hill tops.

2. Many Malaysians, after buying and moving into their new homes which are built on de-gazetted forest reserves, demand that the remaining forest reserves must remain permanently as forest reserves and must not be developed.

An example - owners of homes in the part of Kota Damansara adjacent to the remaining forest reserve.

They conveniently forget that their own homes were built on forest reserve land which was recently de-gazetted so that their homes could be built.

3. Malaysians love a 'pasar malam', provided that the 'pasar malam' is not near their own homes.

The fact that the 'pasar malam' is right outside other people's homes and causing an extreme inconvenience to the affected owners is irrelevant.

4. And now, a local newspaper has just conducted a survey and discovers that more than 75% of Malaysians disagree with giving their maids a weekly day off.

I am not surprised.

If the newspaper had extended the survey and asked the same respondents (excluding those who are self-employed) whether they agree to working 12 hours a day, seven days a week for their employers, how do you think they will respond?

Sorry, no prizes for the correct answer.