Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Bailout Fails; House Reps Torpedoed the Plan

That is what I like about America. The President is not the Executive power. Maybe he is the executive, but the bailout is tantamount to interference of the market. Also this would create moral hazard, ie if big business take risk and fail, yet the USA Govt bail them out, them that create precedent, in the future big businesses would become reckless in taking risk. Because if you fail, USA Govt will bail you out.

So I am glad the The House of Reps vetoed this bailout plan, notwithstanding that this is good for the economy.

Why should taxpayers pay for the excesses of big businesses? You take risk, you reap the reward, vice versa.

This article from yahoofinance.

Dow posts biggest daily point drop in history

Reuters | Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Dow industrials plunged overnight in the blue-chip average's biggest one-day point drop ever after US lawmakers unexpectedly rejected a $700 billion financial bailout, spooking investors who saw it as essential to halting a global market meltdown.

The Dow lost about 778 points and posted its biggest daily percentage decline since the October 1987 stock market crash, while the benchmark S&P 500 also had its worst day in 21 years after the House sent the bailout plan to defeat by a vote of 228 to 205.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq had its worst day since April 2000 when the Internet bubble collapsed.

The failure of the bill, which would have let the Treasury buy up bad mortgage debt from struggling banks, added to serious concerns after the credit crisis claimed new victims, including Wachovia Corp and a bevy of European banks.

Fear was deep and widespread, as investors dumped stocks for the relative safety of US government bonds. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, Wall Street's main barometer of investor fear, jumped 39 percent to 48.40, a nearly six-year high, and was at 46.72 at the close.

"I am shocked. Credit markets were struggling even with the prospect this bill was going to get passed. Now the bill doesn't get passed and it just throws one more monkey wrench into the mix," said Bob Doll, global chief investment officer of equities at BlackRock Inc, one of the world's largest asset managers.

The Dow Jones industrial average sank 777.68 points, or 6.98 percent, to 10,365.45. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index was down 106.59 points, or 8.79 percent, at 1,106.42. The Nasdaq Composite Index was down 199.61 points, or 9.14 percent, at 1,983.73.

An index of financial services shares lost 16 percent, while Bank of America Corp fell 17.6 percent to $30.25.

Goldman Sachs slid 12.5 percent to $120.70.

"This is bad in a lot of different ways," said Bill Strazzullo, partner and chief market strategist at Bell Curve Trading, in Boston. "Short-term, the market is getting crushed, but more importantly, we are telling clients we could be at the beginning of a whole new down phase. There is the potential for the S&P 500 to go all the way down to 1,000."

The bailout's demise comes after US bank Wachovia was forced to sell most of its assets to Citigroup in a deal brokered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

That followed fast upon fresh signs that financial market turmoil was spreading around the world. European authorities in recent days were forced to step in and rescue a group of banks in Britain, Belgium, Germany and elsewhere.

Global money markets remained paralyzed, even as central banks, including the Federal Reserve, pumped cash into world markets in an attempt to boost liquidity.

Although there were doubts that the government's rescue package would be sufficient to shelter the economy and stem the spread of the turmoil, investors said it was a necessary first step to restoring confidence in financial markets.

"We know that whatever they do won't save all the ills from an economic perspective," said Kurt Brunner, portfolio manager at Swarthmore Group in Philadelphia. "But to sit and maintain this sort of limbo is not good, and financial markets are reflecting that."

Technology shares also took it on the chin with Apple Inc's 18 percent slide to $105.26 leading the way after several brokerages slashed their recommendations on the tech bellwether and maker of the iPod.

Shares of Google fell 11.6 percent to $381, near a two-year low hit earlier in the day.

The bailout plan met heavy resistance from Republicans, who balked at the price tag and voted against the bill by a margin of more than 2 to 1. A majority of Democrats voted in favor.

"The problem is the American public resoundingly said 'no,"' said Linda Duessel, market strategist at Federated Investors in Pittsburgh. "It's such a difficult, complex and unprecedented situation, and maybe the average American either doesn't understand it or accept the ramifications of what might happen if (Congress) doesn't come through."

Volume was heavy on the New York Stock Exchange, where about 2.02 billion shares changed hands, above last year's estimated daily average of roughly 1.90 billion. On Nasdaq, about 2.80 billion shares traded, well above last year's daily average of 2.17 billion.

Declining stocks outnumbered advancing ones on the NYSE by about 30 to 1. On the Nasdaq, decliners beat advancers by more than 6 to 1.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Biggest Bailout; Capitalism Helping its Capitalists

In some ways, I have this feeling that this big bailout would be scuppered, instead another plan would be devised to help the home owners and people who are forced out of their homes in foreclosures than helping the greedy investment bankers.


Let those banks go bankrupt, and instead of giving those bankers USD$700billions, use the money to help 2.5millions Americans to buy homes instead.

Too bad if those banks go bankrupt and some rich investors lose money. Being investor means that you also have some responsibility, ie choose your investment vehicle carefully. The inherent lesson in investment is that it has risk.

It would be better for the economy of USA if they use that money to help Americans into home ownership. Americans would be able to buy house at a lower price, most likely.

Article below is written by JOHN MINTO, HERE IS THE LINK.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Capitalism rescues its biggest parasites
Capitalism is under the spotlight with the so-called sub-prime mortgage collapse which has hit at the heart of the US economy.

The bankers and brokers so devastated may be capitalism’s finest but they exhibit in abundance that most unattractive of human qualities – greed. In recent weeks Wall Street has appeared more as a gathering of cockroaches exposed to the light when the cupboard door is opened.

I haven’t lost any sleep at the prospect of heavy financial losses for those who inhabit this arcane world of shareholdings, derivatives and hedge funds. No mere mortals, these are the high priests of capitalism who manipulate financial markets where the wealth created by those who toil for wages and salaries is traded.

For those of us not versed in the finer points of the financial markets the basic story is quite simple.

The US sub-prime mortgage fiasco resulted from banks and brokers lending big sums of money to low-income families wanting to purchase their own homes. No problems so far. However this was an untapped market promising big returns for investors and as it gathered pace practices developed which preyed on the vulnerabilities of these families. The houses being purchased were frequently over-valued. One insider has reported that half were 10% overvalued, another quarter were up to 20% over and the rest were “so overvalued they defied all logic”.

People were frequently loaned 95% of the value of the property so when they signed the mortgage papers they immediately lost the equity they used for their deposit. They were duped by the brokers, the banks and the agencies who approved the deals and who realised many of these families wouldn’t have a hope of paying the mortgage. This rapidly became a professional loan shark operation on a gigantic scale.

Once they were signed the mortgages were on-sold in complex but very profitable arrangements which over time enmeshed all the major US banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Despite many of these families being at high risk of defaulting, the deals were so lucrative for banks and brokers that a parasitic feeding frenzy took off whereby the lending became more and more risky, corners were cut and the whole ugly edifice started to teeter.

It began to topple last year when families started to default on impossible mortgage repayments. As default rates increased the problem became a crisis with major institutions failing.

Until quite recently pundits were talking of a market “correction” taking place. In fact it’s the financial equivalent of a bloodbath.

But despite the media reporting, the real crisis is not the collapse of banks or insurance companies. They deserve to lose the shirts off their backs. Instead it’s the 2.5 million US families who will be forced from their homes this year. Many have already simply walked out and posted the keys back to the bank. They have lost their life savings used to put the deposit on the house and to pay what become unsustainable mortgage payments. Petrol and food price increases added to problems in meeting mortgage repayments. These families are being stripped bare. They are the victims of corporate greed.

US President George Bush’s answer is to provide up to one trillion (one thousand billion) dollars to bailout the banks by purchasing their bad debts. In a dramatic celebration of one of the seven deadly sins, the greater the greed the greater the bailout.

It was a interesting twist to note a report on a Christian website calling for Christians to pray for the bankers because while they may be rotten, even Jesus loved the rotten. Even so it’s a pity they didn’t add a thought to pray for those who have suffered from the bankers’ sins.

Imagine for a moment if this trillion dollars were given to support the victims of this corporate fiasco rather than the perpetrators. George Bush’s trillion dollars represents the equivalent of nearly half a million dollars per family tossed onto the street. Helping these people out would never have crossed his mind.

New Zealand has had this same experience many times but on a smaller scale. While the government would never bailout a small local business which fails, nor the investors in Blue Chip or Bridgecorp, it did not hesitate with the billion dollar rescue of the Bank of New Zealand in the 1980s.

You have to be very big, very wealthy, very irresponsible and very greedy before you can expect a government bailout.

With his trillion dollar handout George Bush has reminded us once more that when it comes to the biggest parasites, capitalism looks after its own.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Re-pegging the Ringgit is Wrong.

I am dissapointed that this issue of re-peg of ringgit is even discussed. And I am most alarmed that Najib is even thinking about re-pegging the ringgit.

True, with USA Govt bailing out Lehman and AIG to the tune of unimaginable, USA Federal Reserve is going to print money like Robert Mugabe did. Yes USA dollar is going for a freefall, but not as fast as Zimbabwe did. So what will happen if you peg your currency with USD? You know the answer.

In pegged currency system, exchange rate might stay stable, but our foreign reserve would go up or down, depending on how much locals and foreigners are taking funds in or out of the country. So if foreigners are suddenly taking huge amount out because of our policy flip flop, we might be staring into a huge foreign reserve loss. Are we sure that is what we want to spend on our foreign reserve?

Pegging currency and imposing capital control doesnt doesnt stop capital flow. Firms that export overseas would simply adjust their invoicing and/or leave their export earnings in another country, e.g Singapore or Hong Kong.

Once we impose currency peg, the differential between buy and sell rate would widen cosiderably. The obvious loser is the ordinary folk who want to sell their foreign currency or who need to buy foreign currency. As in the past, soon as we impose peg and capital control, anyone who has money would dump their ringgit holding and buy foreign currency, for fear that the ringgit may become worthless. Bank Negara has to buy this dumped ringgit, and exchange with our precious foreign reserve.

Remember when Hong Kong in 97 doggedly pegged HKD to USD? How much of their foreign reserve did they spent? Doesnt matter, they have China with deep foreign reserve. But us?

What happen when exchange rate is fixed, yet the economic equilibrium fall lower?
Answer: Asset prices will fall, as did happen to Hong Kong in 98 - 99. Prices of real estate falls, as with other prices to meet the new lower prices elsewhere in dollar terms. So if our ringgit is fixed, yet our main export prices falls in real terms, ie palm oil, manufactured goods, etc, our companies will incur losses, which in the short term will affect the companies' share prices, which will be lower.

The economy will contract faster compare to if the ringgit is free floated. Either way, the economy will reach its equilibrium, either by lowering prices and contract in size (ie recession), or by maintaining the same ringgit term but the same value in Euro or USD.

Economists would unanimously say that contraction by recession is more painful for ordinary people.

from Malaysiakini

Najib bincang tambatan ringgit esok
Sep 21, 08 3:06pm
Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak akan menghadiri taklimat 'luar biasa' di Kementerian Kewangan esok, yang akan turut membincangkan sama ada sistem tambatan ringgit akan dilaksanakan semula bagi mengurangkan impak kejatuhan nilai dolar Amerika Syarikat (AS) terhadap mata wang negara, kata Menteri Kewangan Kedua, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

"Pelbagai perkara akan dibincangkan termasuk sistem tambatan ringgit dan kita juga akan memberi berita-berita tentang kedudukan terkini bagi memboleh Datuk Seri Najib membuat keputusan berhubung perkara-perkara yang sepatutnya," katanya.

Hari ini, akhbar melaporkan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mencadangkan supaya sistem tambatan ringgit dilaksanakan semula bagi mengurangkan impak kejatuhan nilai dolar AS terhadap mata wang negara.

Mantan perdana menteri itu berkata, nilai mata wang AS yang semakin menyusut akhir-akhir ini, akan memberikan kesan buruk kepada ekonomi negara, demikian dilaporkan Bernama.

Pada 1997, kerajaan pernah melaksanakan sistem tambatan ringgit dengan menetapkan kadar tukaran ringgit pada RM3.80 bagi setiap dolar AS, sebagai langkah mengawal tukaran asing berpilih bagi mengelakkan ekonomi negara terus meleset.

Bagaimanapun, pada 21 Julai 2005, kerajaan memutuskan untuk memansuhkan tambatan ringgit dan nilainya kemudian ditentukan dengan mengapungkannya secara terurus berbanding sekumpulan mata wang asing terpilih.

Nor Mohamed berkata Kementerian Kewangan akan mengadakan taklimat luar biasa kepada Najib berhubung keadaan ekonomi dan kewangan negara serta situasi global di kementerian itu esok.

Taklimat lengkap

Menteri Kewangan Kedua, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop berkata taklimat lengkap yang mengandungi semua aspek berhubung Kementerian Kewangan itu akan disampaikan kepada Najib yang juga Menteri Kewangan oleh pegawai-pegawai kementerian.

"Esok adalah kali pertama Najib menghadiri mesyuarat di Kementerian Kewangan sebagai Menteri Kewangan dan pihak kementerian telah mengatur satu taklimat luar biasa kepada beliau. Taklimat itu memang luar biasa dari segi keseluruhan dan kesempurnaan kerana ia lebih lengkap.

"Macam-macam isu akan dibentangkan pada taklimat itu termasuk berhubung keadaan ekonomi, kewangan serta cabaran-cabaran yang dihadapi di Malaysia dan di arena antarabangsa," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menyampaikan sumbangan Hari Raya anjuran Liga Muslim Pulau Pinang di Masjid Kapitan Keling di Pulau Pinang hari ini.

Sementara itu, ketika ditanya sama ada kerajaan akan menurun atau mengekalkan harga runcit petrol, Nor Mohamed berkata: "Perkara itu juga akan dibincangkan pada taklimat itu dan Datuk Seri Najib akan membuat keputusan".

Dalam perkembangan lain, beliau berkata dakwaan bahawa syarikat gergasi insurans American International Group (AIG) di negara ini akan ditutup adalah tidak benar.

"Saya difahamkan AIG di negara ini adalah satu syarikat berasingan dengan modal tersendiri. AIG di sini tidak terlibat atau menerima impak negatif dengan kedudukan AIG di luar negara," katanya.

from the star
Saturday September 20, 2008 MYT 6:02:46 PM
Re-peg the ringgit: Dr M

ALOR STAR: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysia should re-peg the ringgit to relieve pressure from the global economic crisis.

Stabilising the exchange rate would be one measure the Government could take immediately, suggested Dr Mahathir, also a former finance minister.

Malaysia has the capacity to determine the value of the ringgit because it has sufficient foreign currency and substantial savings, with the Employees Providence Fund alone holding more than RM200bil in its coffers.

“We shouldn’t float the currency. The country would lose money if the currency is vulnerable to external forces,” he said at a press conference after presenting a keynote address at a national-level seminar on Development of Higher Learning Institute on Saturday.

He was asked on what advice he had for newly appointed Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to cushion the impact of the economic slowdown in developed countries on Malaysia.

He said if Malaysia could strengthen the value of the ringgit by 10% (by pegging the ringgit to the US dollar), the import value should depreciate by 10%.

When the price of imported goods is reduced, the impact would immediately be felt by the rakyat (citizens), he said.

Dr Mahathir said when he was in power he had set up a panel about 10 years ago to tackle the economic slowdown that had affected the country when Asian currencies were attacked by rogue speculators.

He advised the authorities to set up a similar panel comprising professionals, including economists, to help ascertain the root causes of current financial problems, scrutinise all data that has an impact on the nation’s economy, and suggest ways to tackle the issue.

He said effective measures could be taken when there is an in-depth understanding of the nature of the problem.

Referring to Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop’s statement that Malaysia would not be greatly affected by the US financial crisis, Dr Mahathir said there would certainly be an impact as 20% of exports were for the United States.

“Although the trade balance is in our favour, it does not reflect the actual situation. We are enjoying a good trade balance because of the appreciating price of raw materials such as the petroleum, palm oil and rubber that we export.

“But the stock market is not doing well, with recent market capital losses amounting to more than RM100bil,” he said, adding the rakyat were under pressure by the increasing price of goods and construction materials.

Teresa Kok dan Makanan Anjing; Dua Biji Telur, Nasi dan Kuah

How do you budget for food on RM5.80 a day? Starve.
Thats what most Malaysians on low incomes do.
Rice and eggs, rice and dhal or rice and ikan masin. Grow your own ulams around the house. And sometimes children go to school hungry.

These are the realities for some of us lumped into low income category.
In some ways, I am glad that our MP Teresa Kok had this experience.
Now she can talk about poverty and starvation on our behalf.

Most of out low income workers only get about RM600 or maybe less a month. Out of that money, some has to me set aside for transportation and rent/housing. How much do you think is left for food?

Dijamu 'seperti makanan anjing', dakwa Teresa
Jimadie Shah Othman | Sep 19, 08 9:55pm
Exco kanan kerajaan Selangor, Teresa Kok yang dibebaskan daripada penahanan bawah Akta Keselamatan dalam Negeri (ISA) menghabiskan tujuh hari dalam penjara di balai- polis “antara Sentul dan Jalan Ipoh”.

Menjelang pesta kuih bulan Ahad lalu, dua hari selepas ditahan, wakil rakyat Seputeh itu berkata beliau sedih kerana pada waktu itu beliau sepatutnya berada bersama ahli keluarga.

“Saya sedih memikirkan perasaan mereka di luar tanpa kehadiran saya,” katanya dalam sidang media di ibu pejabat DAP di Petaling Jaya petang tadi - lebih dua jam selepas dibebaskan di balai polis Jalan Travers, Kuala Lumpur tengah hari tadi (foto kanan).

Pesta kuih bulan merupakan sebuah perayaan yang penting bagi masyarakat Cina. Pada hari itu, semua ahli keluarga berkumpul bersama-sama untuk makan besar.

Ahli parlimen Seputeh itu juga mendakwa, beliau dijamu “seperti makanan anjing” - dua butir telur rebus, timun dan kuah dua kali sehari pada waktu makan tengah hari dan makan malam.

Katanya, beliau ditempatkan dalam bilik kecil 6 x 8 meter dan dikehendaki memakai baju lokap sepanjang ditahan bawah akta kontroversi itu.

Pada sebelah malam, tambahnya lagi, beliau tidur bertilamkan papan sahaja di sebuah bilik berudara tidak segar.

Beliau hanya diberikan dua bantal apabila diminta, katanya. Bagaimanapun selimut dibekalkan.

Teresa juga berkata, beliau pada mulanya tidak dibekalkan dengan sebarang bacaan untuk mengisi masa lapangnya.

Apabila perkara itu diberitahu kepada polis di balai berkenaan, mereka bertanya kepadanya sama ada beliau memerlukan Bible, al-Quran atau kitab agama Buddha.

“Kamu bagi Bible, Quran, kitab Buddha, kamu bagi apa-apa saja, saya baca. Lepas itu, polis bawa saya sebuah Bible,” katanya yang beragama Kristian.

Atas permintaannya beliau dibekalkan dengan akhbar setelah beberapa hari “tidak tahu-menahu apa yang berlaku”.

Teresa juga berjaya “mencuri” udara segar dan berhawa dingin apabila dibawa bertemu dengan pegawai penyiasat setiap hari pada jam 5.30 petang.

Untuk dibawa ke situ, pada hari pertama sahaja beliau digari, selepas itu tidak lagi selepas dibantah.

Menyatakan kekesalan atas penahanannya itu, Teresa berkata belaiu tidak boleh faham bagaimana beliau dikatakan mengancam keselamatan negara sebagai alasan untuk menangkapnya di bawah akta itu.

“Bila saya tanya mereka tidak boleh jawab. Mereka kata itu arahan daripada pihak atasan,” katanya.

“Ini bulan Ramadan, bulan suci, ini dosa. Kenapa tangkap orang yang tidak bersalah.”

Sepanjang tempoh penahanan itu, menurutnya, beliau memberikan kerjasama penuh dengan menjawab semua soalan yang diajukan pegawai penyiasat kepadanya.

“Saya tulis jawapan untuk semua soalan. Semua yang ditulis sama seperti apa yang dinyatakan dalam blog. Saya sangat telus,” kata Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Kinrara itu.

Penahanannya genap tujuh hari lalu juga disifatkan seperti sebuah penculikan.

“Polis sekat kereta saya, mengetuk cermin mengatakan ditahan di bawah ISA,” katanya.

Beliau juga mempersoalkan polis yang tidak membenarkannya membuat panggilan telefon sewaktu awal-awal ditangkap sedangkan, katanya, beliau layak mendapat satu panggilan kepada keluarga dan peguamnya (foto kanan).

Beliau juga tidak dibenarkan pulang ke rumah untuk mandi dan menukar baju terlebih dahulu.

Oleh itu, Teresa, memberikan nombor-nombor telefon penting kepada pemandunya supaya penangkapannya itu dapat dimaklumkan.

Dalam sidang akhbar penuh ceria yang dihadiri beberapa pimpinan DAP dan PKR dan kedua ibu-bapanya itu, beliau berkata akan terus bekerja sebagai exco dan wakil rakyat kerana “ada banyak kerja untuk dibuat”.

Beliau berkata akan lebih sibuk daripada dulu.

Ditanya sama ada polis menyatakan sebab pembebasannya, beliau berkata tidak.

Sunday September 21, 2008 MYT 6:34:04 PM
RM5.80 a day not enough for meals, says Murugiah

IPOH: Seputeh MP Teresa Kok’s claims that she was served meals resembling dog food during her ISA detention have led to an investigation into the quality of food for suspects in police lock-up.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department T. Murugiah said he wanted to first determine if it was true that only RM5.80 was allocated for each detainee’s meals per day.

“If it is true, then it is definitely not enough especially with the price of goods going up. A detainee needs to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Breakfast would cost you at least RM2.50, while a good lunch would be a minimum RM3.50 and dinner RM3.50,” he told a press conference here on Sunday.

Murugiah, who is the Public Complaints Bureau head, felt that each detainee should be allocated about RM10 daily for meals.

He pointed out that suspects detained to assist investigations had not even been charged in court yet or were considered guilty of any crime.

They (detainees) should be treated well. Even in prison, we must treat them as human beings, he said, adding that he would appeal to the Prime Minister and Home Minister to increase the allocation.

Murugiah said he and bureau officials would meet Kok on Monday at her Shah Alam service centre to get her statement.

The investigation, he said, would include paying a visit to the Jalan Travers police station where she was held and to the restaurant that supplied the food.

“We want transparency. I’m quite serious about this and I dont want this to be swept under the carpet. I’m not happy that this news has gone international,” he said.

Murugiah reminded the public that his public complaints bureau (03-8888 7777) had a lot of power to investigate any complaint against any civil servant, ministry or agency.

“We don’t need to get permission from any ministry. We can just walk in, do the investigation and take immediate action.

“If you’re afraid to go to the police or the Anti-Corruption Agency, come to us,” he said.

Last week, Kok drew attention to the food she was given during her seven-day detention at the Jalan Travers police station.

She was freed on Friday after being accused of petitioning a mosque to reduce the volume for the azan, something she has vehemently denied.

Sunday September 21, 2008
Government to probe claims ‘dog food’ served to Kok

KLANG: The Government will investigate claims by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok that she was served “dog food” during her detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department T. Murugiah said he would personally meet Kok soon to get more details and also visit the police station where she was held.

He said he wanted to know who bought the food, where it was bought from and how much was paid.

Murugiah said he also wanted to find out how much money was set aside for meals for detainees and what type of food was supposed to be served to them.

“I am shocked with Kok’s comments on the food. I will be handing in a report on my findings to the Home Minister and the Prime Minister,” he told reporters here yesterday.

Murugiah, who is the Public Complaints Bureau head, said detainees should be treated with respect and given proper food.

If Kok’s claims were true, he said, then such treatment would be unfair to her.

He said the DAP leader’s revelation had put the Government and police in a bad light as the international media had highlighted it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

PM, Dissolve Parliament and Call for Fresh Mandate

To write it bluntly, the current political situation in Malaysia is untenable. Pakatan Rakyat is making progress day by day since March 8. 08/03/08. (what so magic about number 8 that PM chose March 8 as the day of election, defies logic. Surprise, Helen Clark of NZ also chooses 8, ie 8 November 2008 as NZ Election day, no i dont believe in the luck of number 8).

Not just making inroad in 5 states in Semenanjung, Anwar also making progress by making it to Parliament, 2 other BN seats in Perlis and Sabah is also lost.

With this threat of defections by BN lawmakers into Pakatan Rakyat fold, if it comes to fruition will spell bad for BN.

PM Abdullah shouldnt give up so easily, he should face the threat and throw the last dice. What I mean is, call for fresh mandate for the Parliament. Yes fresh election.
That would end this long uncertainty, and at the same time, neutralise Anwar Ibrahim's bluff, if it was a bluff. Let rakyat choose, because this is the Government that serve the rakyat.

Pakatan's campaign to unseat the PM Abdullah Badawi is relentless. As long as Pakatan is strong and appear to be victimised, this current situation wouldnt end.

PM's Cabinet make it worse by arresting bloggers and opposition leader. Now these leaders and bloggers have bigger stature, ie become folk heroes. Arresting them under ISA is a bad call.

PM Abdullah Badawi, for the sake of our Malaysia, lets just put an end of these bickering. Call for fresh mandate, then whoever win the election, shall govern with a clear mandate.

Seeing reports of political uncertainty in Malaysiakini makes investors think twice before coming to Malaysia.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Azan, jawi, JAIS, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya; the controversial article

Here it is, I just found the controversial article. Doesnt say exactly Teresa Kok name. But who else is wearing glasses, female and talk about khinzir back then?
Well it doesnt matter.

Lesson taken, Non-Muslim folks in Kinrara are now afraid, now they wish they didnt sign that petition!

Azan, jawi, JAIS, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya
JANGANLAH anggap apa yang saya tulis ini sebagai rasis atau berunsur perkauman. Dalam suasana negara yang dipenuhi dengan isu sensitif perkauman sekarang, tulisan ini hanyalah sebagai satu ingatan kepada kita semua, terutamanya umat Islam.

Saya amat tertarik untuk merujuk kepada kenyataan bekas Menteri Besar Selangor, Datuk Seri Dr. Khir Toyo yang membangkitkan mengenai ''ada usaha oleh pihak tertentu (di Selangor) yang cuba menasihatkan pihak masjid dan surau supaya tidak menggunakan pembesar suara semasa melaungkan azan''.

Bagi saya petikan itu pelik bunyinya. Bagi saya ia juga amat serius. Tidak pernah dalam sejarah 51 tahun merdeka, rakyat Malaysia sedang menghadapi situasi seperti itu. Selama ini kita - Melayu, Cina, India, Sikh dan lain-lain bangsa dan agama tidak pernah bercakap mengenai perkara itu. Kita hormat antara satu sama lain. Soal agama Islam terpelihara secara suci di dalam Perlembagaan negara. Justeru, petikan semacam itu tidak pernah terlintas langsung atau termimpi akan diucapkan.

Kini, ia berlaku. Ya benar, Dr. Khir bukan buat cerita mengarut. Ia benar-benar berlaku di Selangor. Orang Pas, yang kini mula menguasai jawatankuasa masjid dan surau di situ pun tercengang. Orang UMNO yang masih lagi menganggotai jawatankuasa surau dan masjid pun terkejut.

''Sampai macam itu sekali tindakan mereka," kata seorang AJK sebuah surau di Shah Alam kepada saya Jumaat lalu. Beliau ialah sahabat lama saya, yang kami bertemu selepas solat Jumaat, lalu mengajak saya bersembang.

Sembang punya sembang, tiba-tiba beliau menyentuh mengenai soal suraunya. Katanya, kira-kira tiga bulan selepas Pakatan Rakyat mengambil alih kerajaan Selangor, seorang Exco kerajaan negeri itu, yang juga seorang Ahli Parlimen dari parti DAP membuat kunjungan ke suraunya. Yang peliknya, YB wanita itu datang pada waktu sebelum subuh.

Tanpa rasa malu-malu atau rasa bersalah, dia menasihatkan pengurusan surau itu supaya tidak melaungkan azan dengan kuat menggunakan pembesar suara, terutama pada waktu subuh. Katanya, ''hasil tinjauannya'' pada waktu subuh itu, cuma ada imam, bilal dan dua tiga orang sahaja makmum.

''Kalau ada macam itu jangan kasi bangun oranglah (dengan azan)...'' katanya kepada imam yang ada di situ.

Semua yang ada terus 'terkedu'. Mereka berpandangan antara satu sama lain. YB yang baru tiga bulan menjadi Yang Berhormat itu tahukah apa yang dia cakap. Tidak sensitif langsungkah? Tidak sedarkah dia, kira-kira 90 peratus penduduk di kawasan itu ialah orang Melayu beragama Islam.

Jika diambil pendekatan isu yang berlaku sekarang, saya ingin bertanya, siapakah yang rasis? Siapakah yang perkauman? Dr. Khirkah, sayakah yang menulis Cuit ini? Atau, YB wanita berkaca mata itukah?

Sambil menulis kolum ini, saya menelefon seorang rakan saya, yang juga seorang YB dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Dia mengakui memang berlaku. Hasil perbualan saya, beliau berkata: ''…bukan teruk lagi, dah jadi kurang ajar''.

Persoalan saya lagi, mengapa situasi seperti ini sudah mulai berlaku. Saya tidak mahu mengulas lanjut, biarlah pembaca budiman membuat analisis dan pernilaian sendiri.

Nak dijadikan cerita, tindakan YB wanita itu tidak habis di situ saja. Dia juga, dikatakan sedang 'memaksa' Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) menurunkan semua tulisan jawi di semua papan tanda jalan di Kuala Lumpur.

Sekali lagi ini cerita benar. Ia disahkan sendiri oleh rakan saya, YB dari Pakatan Rakyat itu. Sebagai ganti untuk menurunkan tulisan jawi itu, dia menuntut dinaikkan tulisan Cina dan Tamil bersama-sama tulisan rumi.

''Yang ekstremnya, YB wanita itu siap bawa 'sample' berserta spesifikasi papan tanda jalan tulisan Cina dan Tamil itu untuk ditunjukkan kepada pegawai DBKL," kata rakan saya itu lagi.

Seperti yang saya tanya di atas tadi, tidak sensitifkah YB wanita itu? Jawapan saya ialah, dia memang sengaja tidak mahu sensitif.

Melihatkan kepada senario ini, barulah kita tahu, siapa sebenarnya yang 'menyuapkan' ke mulut Menteri Besar Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim mengenai cadangan supaya diambil 30 peratus peruntukan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) untuk digunakan bagi kegunaan agama-agama lain. Sekarang kita juga tahu siapa yang 'memegang tali' untuk menyuruh Khalid membuat kenyataan supaya pintu UiTM dibuka kepada 10 peratus penuntut bukan Melayu.

Yang jelas kita semua tahu, siapakah orang itu yang 'berkobar-kobar' membangkitkan isu babi Sepang, sebaik saja dia melangkah kaki menduduki bangunan SUK Selangor, tempoh hari.

Dan, sekarang baru kita juga tahu, suasana bercelaru yang sedang berlaku - yang terbaru mengenai isu perkauman atau rasis itu memang dirancang - secara sengaja, oleh pihak-pihak tertentu yang mahu melihat suasana negara dan rakyat Malaysia tidak tenteram.

Akhir kalam, semoga Allah menyelamatkan kita semua. Amin.

Bukan Isu Azan, Tapi Kuliah dari Kaset dan VCD

Reading this report from Malaysiakini, I think that the Non-Muslim were approaching the correct way. They just handing over petition, asking to tone down the kuliah agama from cassette player and VCD. Its not about azan.

Tiga disiasat polis isu masjid Kinrara
Jimadie Shah Othman | Sep 19, 08 1:06pm
Polis sehingga ini memanggil tiga orang berhubung isu petisyen masyarakat bukan Islam yang mendesak diperlahankan penggunaan pembesar suara dalam program keagamaan di Masjid Bandar Kinrara.

Polis menemui pengerusi jawatankuasa masjid Abdul Rahman Nasir dan seorang penduduk bukan Islam yang menyerahkan petisyen itu kepada exco kanan Selangor, Teresa Kok – masing-masing ditemui awal malam tadi dan tengah hari semalam.

Bilal masjid berkenaan Bahrudin Maskor dilaporkan memberi keterangan kepada polis kira-kira pukul 1.30 petang di ibu pejabat polis (IPD) Dang Wangi semalam.

masjid azan loud speaker issue 120908 01Pertengahan Februari lalu, 189 penduduk bukan Islam di kawasan berkenaan mengemukakan petisyen meminta masjid berkenaan memperlahankan pembesar suara dalam ceramah, kuliah dan bacaan al-Quran daripada kaset dan CD.

Abdul Rahman berkata beliau ditemui dua anggota polis daripada IPD Dang Wangi selepas berbuka puasa semalam di Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM).

Beliau sedang mendapatkan rawatan sakit buah pinggang.

Ditanya butiran soal siasat polis itu, Abdul Rahman memberitahu Malaysiakini, beliau memberikan kerjasama dengan “menjawab soalan seperti yang dikatakan dulu” kepada pihak media.

Seorang penduduk dekat masjid tersebut yang dikenali sebagai Choo ditemui polis di kediamannya di Seksyen 5 Bandar Kinrara.

Suaminya Steevan Ee, yang menyerahkan petisyen itu kepada masjid dan wakil rakyat Sri Serdang Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman, berkata seorang anggota polis mengambil keterangan Choo tengah hari semalam.

“Polis hendak minta tengok surat (petisyen) yang dihantar, tetapi oleh sebab dia sudah dapat daripada pihak masjid, dia tidak ambil,” katanya.

Ditanya kesan pertemuan itu terhadap masyarakat Cina sekitar yang menandatangani petisyen itu, Ee berkata: “Sekarang mereka jadi takut.”

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joggers found a body in the Avon

Joggers found a body in the Avon River, Christchurch this morning. Near the intersection of Kilmore St and Park Terrace. Not sure if the body of male or female, face down.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Teresa Kok ISA and Azan

To me to use ISA on Teresa Kok and Raja Petra is draconian and heavy handed.
maybe its true she organised petition for Masjid Kinrara to tone down the use of loudspeaker.

she only organising petition. cant the Non Muslim of Kinrara voice their opinion? Its only petition, the Jawatankuasa Masjid Kinrara can always put the petition into rubbish bin. But why arrest her for that? Would that lead to civil unrest in Kinrara? such that the Muslims would be baying for the blood of the non Muslims? I doubt it that will ever happen.

maybe its true she organised campaign for chinese script manglish and hindi on the names of roads. maybe its true there is a picture where she pointed toward jawi script and said that its out of place and unintelligible to them.

how many malays can read jawi script?
true its our treasure, but we dont use it ourselves anyway. the utusan melayu jawi edition died some years back. if we so concerned about jawi, we should teach it at primary school. then come up with jawi books and newspaper. thing will come naturally after that. just like the maori did to their kohanga reo.

but that warranted ISA? all of those, or in parts?
to me it does not watrrant an arrest. she hasnt committed any crime.
if the non muslim (and probably some muslim) of kinrara cannot stand loud azan, why cant they voice their concern.?

after all, during the time of Rasullullah, there is no loudspeaker, you can call azan as loud as you want, but there is no loudspeaker. did Saidina Bilal use conch shell or 'corong' to amplify his azan? not as far as i know.so in a sense, if you are true to form, you shouldnt use loudspeaker. (that is my view, of course i am wrong, or am i not? No I am not a follower of Wahhabis)
here in chch, the neighbours has been complaining about the noise of kids playing outside. so we deploy some guys to make sure no noise. and no kids running around. loudspeaker only used inside. almost every friday imam would remind us to be considerate to the neighbours and dont annoy neighbours with noise and honking and loud conversations.

all Badawi and cohort did is alienating their people, instead of working for the people and win their support.or maybe this is their plan after all. to deny Najib of premiership. make the country huru hara, make people support opposition, and BN lose support. (in that case its brilliant plan).

here is press report from the mufti of perlis
Mufti Perlis kata;
Posted on Sep 15, 2008 under Berita |


Mufti Perlis, Dr Asri Zainul Abidin hari ini menegur tindakan kerajaan menggunakan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) dalam isu agama dan mengheret pengendali laman web Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamarudin dan Ahli Parlimen DAP Seputeh, Teresa Kok yang masih ditahan di bawah peruntukan akta itu.

Ketika ditemui di Damansara Kim sebentar tadi, Dr Asri berkata, Islam dibina dari hujah dan dasar yang jelas, dan Islam juga tidak memerlukan ISA untuk membela ajarannya.

“Jadi tidak ada alasan untuk menahan orang dengan tidak memberi peluang membela diri. Ini adalah satu tindakan yang salah. Sekiranya orang itu mempunyai kesalahan dari segi hukum agama, buktikan dari segi dalil-dalil agama.

“Cara kita tangkap orang guna ISA atas kesalahan agama tidak akan menghilangkan salahfaham terhadap Islam. Seharusnya diperjelaskan dulu apa kesalahan itu. Kalau misalnya orang itu menghina Islam atau menyeleweng, buktikan dulu berdasarkan Quran dan hadis.

“Perlu diperdengarkan pertuduhan itu kepada orang yang dituduh itu. Mungkin juga, ia hanya satu salah faham. Yang penting perdengarkan dulu hujahnya,” kata Mufti yang terkenal dengan kelantangannya mengeluarkan idea yang berani dan telus itu.

Kata Dr Asri lagi, “Islam bukan agama yang bacul. Perbuatan ISA kerana kesalahan agama seolah-olah menggambarkan orang Islam tidak mampu berhujah, terus tangkap orang. Mereka akan kata mereka benar kerana kita takut berhujah dengan dia.”

Beliau juga turut mengingatkan betapa bahayanya tindakan ISA.

“Sekiranya ada aliran-aliran tertentu dalam kerajaan yang tidak setuju dengan pendapat satu aliran yang lain, adakah ruang ISA juga akan digunakan? Pernah berlaku dalam kerajaan Abbasiyah yang berpegang pada aliran Muktazilah ketika itu. Dia menghukum orang daripada aliran lain termasuk Imam-imam besar seperti Imam Ahmad juga turut dihukum.

“Kalau di zaman ini, mereka yang kendalikan agama itu dari aliran lain maka mereka yang dari aliran lain itu akan dihukum tanpa memberi peluang membela diri. Ini juga tidak sejajar dengan konsep keadilan dalam Islam,” kata Dr Asri lagi.

Dari segi politik Islam atau siasah, kata beliau, kerajaan berhak menahan orang dan beri tempoh siasatan (14 hingga 30 hari) bergantung pada keperluan. Tapi kita tidak boleh hukum 2 tahun tanpa diadili. Ini zalim.

“Tuhan yang Maha Adil pun buat mahkamah di akhirat untuk setiap orang dibicarakan. Keadilan ditegakkan di dunia dan di akhirat. Tuhan yang Maha Adilpun memberi peluang untuk kita jawab kesalahan sedangkan Tuhan berhak buat apa saja. Jadi macam mana kita boleh tangkap orang tanpa memberi peluang mereka membela diri?,” jelas beliau.

Kata Dr Asri, isu agama turut membabitkan sensitiviti agama lain. Tapi dari segi mempersoalkan identiti Islam seperti laungan azan, itu tidak boleh.

“Namun jika ada sungutan tentang bacaan-bacaan yang panjang sehingga menganggu orang awam, ulamak Islam juga tidak benarkan. Bacaan yang kuat tanpa keperluan atau kuliah agama dengan menggunakan pembesar suara sehingga menganggu ketenteraman awam, itu tidak perlu. Itu sudah diputuskan oleh ulamak-ulamak dari dulu lagi.

“Agama itu terhad. Azan itu azan. Begitu juga kuliah agama untuk diperdengarkan di pembesar suara, berpada untuk sidang yang mendengar sahaja,” jelasnya.

Dr Asri juga menyentuh tentang peranan Jakim.

“Jakim berperanan menjelaskan isu-isu agama dan juga yang menyeleweng dari agama. Bukan sekadar menyokong seseorang dihadapkan tanpa bicara. Badan itu juga hendaklah bebas dari percaturan politik. Perjelaskan ketentuan peruntukan orang yang menghina Islam seperti isu Raja Petra. Itu bersifat politik, biarlah diuruskan oleh orang politik.

“Kalau hendak diikutkan yang menghina Islam, ramai lagi yang patut dibuat aduan. Jelaskan dulu apa yang perlu dilakukan?,” soal Dr Asri.

Beliau juga meminta kerajaan memikirkan soal ISA ini sedalam-dalamnya.

“Seandainya satu hari nanti kerajaan bertukar rupa dan kalau berlaku pertukaran kuasa. Terlalu ramai nanti yang tidak boleh bersuara dan ISA mungkin diguna seluas-luasnya. Besok, bila kena pada kita, apa kita nak buat?,” kata Dr Asri yang akan menghadiri Tazkirah Tarawih di Stadium Kota Bharu pada hari ini.

Beliau yang juga akan memberi ceramah di Kompleks Islam Lundang esok, sempena pelancaran Tabung Serambi Mekah yang akan dirasmikan oleh Menteri Besar Kelantan, juga mempersoalkan bagaimana pemimpin yang gagal kendalikan parti yang kecil mampu kendalikan negara yang besar.

“Takkan nak tunggu ada rusuhan atau kekacauan. Ketika itu sudah tidak boleh dipulihkan lagi. Sekali kekacauan tercetus, susah untuk dipulihkan.

Menurut pengamatan beliau, keadaan ini berlaku kerana pemimpin politik menganggap kedudukan politik itu seperti harta rompakan.

“Mereka bermati-matian untuk mendapatkannya sekalipun terpaksa menggunakan belanja yang besar kerana pulangan atau keuntungannya juga besar,” kata beliau.

Jelas beliau, saluran politik digunakan untuk membina kekayaan diri. Inilah hasilnya bila kerakusan ini berlarutan. Tidak ada setiakawan dalam politik, musuh memusuhi, berpuak-puak kerana fikirkan survival politik masing-masing bukan survival rakyat yang dipertanggungjawabkan.

Yang paling ketara sekarang, pemimpin politik bukan sahaja gagal membawa rakyat keluar dari kemelut yang sedang dihadapi malah menjadikan keadaan lebih rumit.

“Bukan sahaja mereka gagal menyelesaikan masalah tapi mereka pula yang menimbulkan lebih banyak masalah lain,” kata Dr Asri.

Monday, September 15, 2008

RPK and All other ISA Detainees

Raja Petra Kamarudin and Theresa Kok are the latest ones. There are numerous other. What flimsy excuse.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pesan Roh Kepada Manusia

a frend emailed this to me.

Apabila roh keluar dari jasad, ia akan berkata-kata dan seluruh isi alam sama ada di langit atau bumi akan mendengarnya kecuali jin dan manusia. Apabila mayat dimandikan, lalu roh berkata : 'Wahai orang yang memandikan, aku minta kepadamu kerana Allah untuk melepaskan pakaianku dengan perlahan-lahan sebab pada saat ini aku beristirahat daripada seretan malaikat maut'. Selepas itu, mayat pula bersuara sambil merayu : 'Wahai orang yang memandikan, janganlah engkau menuangkan airmu dalam keadaan panas. Begitu juga jangan menuangnya dengan air yang dingin kerana tubuhku terbakar apabila terlepasnya roh dari tubuh'.

Apabila dimandikan, roh sekali lagi merayu :'Demi Allah, wahai orang yang memandikan jangan engkau menggosok aku dengan kuat sebab tubuhku luka-luka dengan keluarnya roh' . Setelah dimandi dan dikafankan, telapak kaki mayat diikat dan ia pun memanggil-manggil dan berpesan lagi supaya jangan diikat terlalu kuat serta mengafani kepalanya kerana ingin melihat wajahnya sendiri, anak-anak, isteri atau suami buat kali terakhir kerana tidak dapat melihat lagi sampai Hari Kiamat.

Sebaik keluar dari rumah lalu ia berpesan : 'Demi Allah, wahai jemaahku, aku telah meniggalkan isteriku menjadi Balu. Maka janganlah kamu menyakitinya.Anak-anakku telah menjadi yatim dan janganlah kalian Menyakiti mereka. Sesungguhnya pada hari itu aku telah keluar dari rumahku dan aku tidak akan dapat kembali kepada mereka buat selama-lamanya' . Sesudah mayat diletakkan pada pengusung, sekali lagi diserunya kepada jemaah supaya jangan mempercepatkan mayatnya ke kubur selagi belum mendengar suara anak-anak dan sanak saudara buat kali terakhir.

Sesudah dibawa dan melangkah sebanyak tiga langkah dari rumah, roh pula berpesan: ' Wahai Kekasihku, wahai saudaraku dan wahai anak-anakku, jangan kamu diperdaya dunia sebagaimana ia memperdayakan aku dan janganlah kamu lalai ketika ini sebagaimana ia melalaikan aku'. 'Sesungguhnya aku tinggalkan apa yang aku telah aku kumpulkan untuk warisku dan sedikitpun mereka tidak mahu menanggung kesalahanku'. 'Adapun didunia, Allah menghisab aku, padahal kamu berasa senang dengan keduniaan. Dan mereka juga tidak mahu mendoakan aku'.

Ada satu riwayat drp Abi Qalabah mengenai mimpi beliau yang melihat kubur pecah. Lalu mayat-mayat itu keluar dari duduk di tepi kubur masing-masing. Bagaimanapun tidak seorang pun ada tanda-tanda memperolehi nur di muka mereka. Dalam mimpi itu, Abi Qalabah dapat melihat jirannya juga dalam keadaan yang sama. Lalu dia bertanya kepada mayat jirannya mengenai ketiadaan nur itu. Maka mayat itu menjawab: 'Sesungguhnya bagi mereka yang memperolehi nur adalah kerana petunjuk drpd anak-anak dan teman-teman. Sebaliknya aku mempunyai anak-anak yang tidak soleh dan tidak pernah mendoakan aku'.

Setelah mendengar jawapan mayat itu, Abi Qalabah pun terjaga. Pada malam itu juga dia memanggil anak jirannya dan menceritakan apa yang dilihatnya dalam mimpi mengenai bapa mereka. Mendengar keadaan itu, anak-anak jiran itu berjanji di hadapan Abi Qalabah akan mendoa dan bersedekah untuk bapanya. Seterusnya tidak lama selepas itu, Abi Qalabah sekali lagi bermimpi melihat jirannya. Bagaimanapun kali ini jirannya sudah ada nur dimukanya dan kelihatan lebih terang daripada matahari.

Baginda Rasullullah S.A.W berkata:
Apabila telah sampai ajal seseorang itu maka akan masuklah satu kumpulan malaikat ke dalam lubang-lubang kecil dalam badan dan kemudian mereka menarik rohnya melalui kedua-dua telapak kakinya sehingga sampai kelutut. Setelah itu datang pula sekumpulan malaikat yang lain masuk menarik roh dari lutut hingga sampai ke perut dan kemudiannya mereka keluar. Datang lagi satu kumpulan malaikat yang lain masuk dan menarik rohnya dari perut hingga sampai ke dada dan kemudiannya mereka keluar.Dan akhir sekali datang lagi satu kumpulan malaikat masuk dan menarik roh dari dadanya hingga sampai ke kerongkong dan itulah yang dikatakan saat nazak orang itu.'

Sambung Rasullullah S.A.W. lagi:
'Kalau orang yang nazak itu orang yang beriman, maka malaikat Jibrail A.S. akan menebarkan sayapnya yang di sebelah kanan sehingga orang yang nazak itu dapat melihat kedudukannya di syurga. Apabila orang yang beriman itu melihat syurga, maka dia akan lupa kepada orang yang berada di sekelilinginya. Ini adalah kerana sangat rindunya pada syurga dan melihat terus pandangannya kepada sayap Jibrail A.S. 'Kalau orang yang nazak itu orang munafik, maka Jibrail A.S. akan menebarkan sayap di sebelahkiri. Maka orang yang nazak tu dapat melihat kedudukannya di neraka dan dalam masa itu orang itu tidak lagi melihat orang di sekelilinginya. Ini adalah kerana terlalu takutnya apabila melihat neraka yang akan menjadi tempat tinggalnya.

Dari sebuah hadis bahawa apabila Allah S.W.T. menghendaki seorang mukmin itu dicabut nyawanya maka datanglah malaikat maut. Apabila malaikat maut hendak mencabut roh orang mukmin itu dari arah mulut maka keluarlah zikir dari mulut orang mukmin itu dengan berkata: 'Tidak ada jalan bagimu mencabut rohorang ini melalui jalan ini kerana orang ini sentiasa menjadikan lidahnya berzikir kepada Allah S.W.T.' Setelah malaikat maut mendengar penjelasan itu, maka dia pun kembali kepada AllahS.W.T.dan menjelaskan apa yang diucapkan oleh lidah orang mukmin itu.

Lalu Allah S.W.T. berfirman yang bermaksud: 'Wahai malaikat maut, kamu cabutlah ruhnya dari arah lain.' Sebaik saja malaikat maut mendapat perintah Allah S.W.T. maka malaikat maut pun cuba mencabut roh orang mukmin dari arah tangan. Tapi keluarlah sedekah dari arah tangan orang mukmin itu, keluarlah usapan kepala anak-anak yatim dan keluar penulisan ilmu. Maka berkata tangan: Tidak ada jalan bagimu untuk mencabut roh orang mukmin dariarah ini, tangan ini telah mengeluarkan sedekah,tangan ini mengusap kepala anak-anak yatim dan tangan ini menulis ilmu pengetahuan.' Oleh kerana malaikat maut gagal untuk mencabut roh orang mukmin dari arah tangan maka malaikat maut cuba pula dari arah kaki. Malangnya malaikat maut juga gagal melakukan sebab kaki berkata: Tidak ada jalan bagimu dari arah ini Kerana kaki ini sentiasa berjalan berulang alik mengerjakan solat dengan berjemaah dan kaki ini juga berjalan enghadiri majlis-majl! i! s ilmu.' Apabila gagal malaikat maut,mencabut roh orang mukmin dari arah kaki, maka malaikat maut cuba pula dari arah telinga. Sebaik saja malaikat maut menghampiri telinga maka telinga pun berkata: 'Tidak ada jalan bagimu dari arah ini kerana telinga ini sentiasa mendengar bacaan Al-Quran dan zikir.' Akhir sekali malaikat maut cuba mencabut orang mukmin dari arah mata tetapi baru saja hendak menghampiri mata maka berkata mata: 'Tidak ada jalan bagimu dari arah ini sebab mata ini sentiasa melihat beberapa mushaf dan kitab-kitab dan mata ini sentiasa menangis kerana takutkan Allah.' Setelah gagal maka malaikat maut kembali kepada Allah S.W.T. Kemudian AllahS.W.T. berfirman yang bermaksud:'Wahai malaikatKu, tulis AsmaKu ditelapak tanganmu dan tunjukkan kepada roh orang yang beriman itu.' Sebaik saja mendapat perintah AllahS.W.T. maka malaikat maut menghampiri roh orang itu dan menunjukkan AsmaAllah S.W.T. Sebaik saja melihat Asma Allah da! n cintanya kepada AllahS..W.T maka keluarl! ah roh tersebut dari arah m ulut dengan tenang.

Abu Bakar R.A. telah ditanya tentang kemana roh pergi setelah ia keluar dari jasad. Maka berkata Abu Bakar R.A: 'Roh itu menuju ketujuh tempat:-

1. Roh para Nabi dan utusan menuju ke Syurga Adnin.

2. Roh para ulama menuju ke Syurga Firdaus.

3. Roh mereka yang berbahagia menuju ke Syurga Illiyyina.

4. Roh para shuhada berterbangan seperti burung di syurga mengikut kehendak mereka.

5.Roh para mukmin yang berdosa akan tergantung di udara tidak di bumi dan tidak di langit sampai hari kiamat.

6. Roh anak-anak orang yang beriman akan berada di gunung dari minyak misik.

7.Roh orang-orang kafir akan berada dalam neraka Sijjin,mereka diseksa berserta jasadnya hingga sampai hari Kiamat.'

Telah bersabda Rasullullah S.A.W: Tiga kelompok manusia yang akan dijabat tangannya oleh para malaikat pada hari mereka keluar dari kuburnya:-

1. Orang-orang yang mati syahid.

2. Orang-orang yang mengerjakan solat malam dalam bulan ramadhan.

3. Orang berpuasa di hari Arafah.

Sekian untuk ingatan kita bersama.

Kalau rajin. Tolong sebarkan kisah ini kepada saudara Islam yang lain. Ilmu yang bermanfaat ialah salah satu amal yang berkekalan bagi orang yang mengajarnya meskipun dia sudah mati.

Sila panjangkan kisah ini kepada semua saudara islam kita.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Economy in Recession; House Prices Falls

this morning at 9am, NZ dollar falls by 1 cent to USD. The Reserve Bank governor announce a cut of 50 point of the headline interest rate.

Yes house prices falling for the past 2 months, and looks like it will keep falling further.

Is it time to buy? (if you have money that is) Or shall buyers wait further?

Housing market 'set to fall further' - Bollard
4:15PM Thursday September 11, 2008

Our high interest rates

The housing market will continue to fall until the end of the year, Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard told MPs today.

Speaking to Parliament's finance select committee after cutting interest rates by 50 points, Dr Bollard said the bank's latest forecasts for the housing market matched his predictions for the economy going through a shorter, deeper trough.

Dr Bollard said he expected house prices to fall by 15 per cent - 25 per cent in real terms - by the beginning of next year and then the market would begin to improve.

The housing market had fallen by about half that much so far, he said.

This was the biggest drop in prices since the 1970s, but just represented a necessary correction.

The housing market would come out of its trough when the economy started improving in the last quarter of this year, Dr Bollard predicted.

He did not believe that New Zealand was facing a crisis in the mortgage market like that being faced in the United States.

In the US a 25 per cent fall in housing prices matched by a credit crunch had seen a large increase in mortgage sales and people walking away from homes they could no longer afford.


Dr Bollard said New Zealand was not suffering from similar problems, largely caused by the US sub-prime mortgage lending.

The housing recovery in New Zealand would be gradual and reflect an increase in prices and sales, and a drop in the days required to sell.

The wider economy had probably experienced three-quarters of moderate recession, but Dr Bollard believed it would bounce back next year into mild growth.

The state of the world economy remained one of the biggest risks to New Zealand.

A drop in mortgage rates would start to flow through to more households next year, but credit conditions would remain tight.

Tax cuts and the bounce back from drought would also help fuel some growth.

Political reaction to Dr Bollard's move was generally positive.

Finance Minister Michael Cullen said the move would put greater downward pressure on retail interest rates.

"The implications are that this will help rebalance the New Zealand economy. I think Dr Bollard's satisfied that the inflation rate is going to be coming down over the next year otherwise he wouldn't have moved those 50 basis points," Dr Cullen said.

He was confident the economy would start picking up soon.

National Leader John Key said the cut was good news since the economic recession was biting deeper.

"It comes on the back of the worst real estate numbers for 26 years and I think it also reflects the very dark clouds that have been looming over the international financial markets, Mr Key said.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Sunday 31 August, yes a belated account.

Yes its just like any other day. except few things that happen.

1. I still remember 31 August as the Merdeka Day. Except that I havent involved or get involved with Merdeka celebration for years.

2. The day before, 30 August, my wife drove to town on some errand. she hit another car from behind. The woman driver of the other car was pregnant, she had to be taken to hospital for check up. Its not my fault, she said. Ot was the car in front of the one she hit that stopped suddenly. The car she hit managed to stop in time, but my wife didnt. Our car was badly damaged at the front bonnet. Water leaking from radiator, all over the road.
I was cycling to Riccarton that day. And that is the start of getting fit regime, now I have to cycle everywhere, rain or shine, day or night. Coz I dont have car anymore.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

LRT Public Transport Plan part of our RM35 billion

The long term plan is for us Malaysians get out of our cars, and get into public transport. Hence reduce the congestion on the road. Good, but its a double edge sword.

it means that in the future the price of petrol will increase and taxed to finance the public transport. Expect petrol prices at the pump in line or higher than world oil prices. ie taxes from petrol would be used to finance public transport.

Property prices at places close to LRT station would hold up, or higher.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Selamat Berpuasa, Ramadan Kareem

To All Readers,

Let me wish you Ramadan Kareem, as they say here, when we meet and greet each other in the month of Ramadan.

Yesterday, 31 August, we went to the masjid in Christchurch for Isya prayer, and wait for the announcement of the sighting/not sighting of the new moon for the month of Ramadan.

No, not seen that evening. So Ramadan starts 2 Sept.

No I didnt go to the masjid to join tarawih prayer earlier. Maybe tonight. InsyaAllah.