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A Story of the Supernatural Kind; Of Djinn and Orang Bunian

A Story of the Supernatural Kind; Of Djinn and Orang Bunian.

Before we start, let me define what I mean by:

Jinn, Djinn, Genie or Jin are the same thing; see the definition in Wiki. In Islamic belief, djinn are creatures of unseen, but they can see us human beings, have long lives, up to 600 years. Allah created djinn out of fire, unlike human from clump of clay-earth.

Orang Bunian see definition in Wiki Indonesian. Another unseen human like creatures, they are like human, they can see us, but unseen except to some people.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend who run a massage and facial centre told me that her business premises have been ‘blocked’. It all started after a known ‘bomoh’ visited her business. The woman ‘bomoh’ came in and asked for treatment, so she was treated like any other customer, soon after she left, this friend notice that it felt different in the premises, feeling sleepy and lack of mood as well as strange noises being heard in the house. Noises like as if there is someone in the next room, when there is none.
Mind you, before this friend opens the business, she has ‘cleansed’ the place by reciting Yasin and Ayat Kursi. So there is nothing much anyone could do except ‘cleanse’ the place again, reciting Yasin again many times.
She told me that the place has become spooky, when she was reciting Yasin, there was some strange noises as well as stomach ache etc. But soon as she finished reciting Yasin, the feeling was gone.

So I asked these things to an older, wiser friend. He explained to me that ‘blocking’ phenomenon is quite common in Malaysia. He gave an example of a row of restaurants somewhere in Johor, all selling a variety of foods, but one, operated by an Indonesian is always full, people queue to get a seat. While the other food outlets are almost empty all the time. “There is no difference in the quality of food, just normal food. Not that the waitresses are pretty. But why people have preference for that outlet?”
“I myself kept going to that shop, because I felt ‘senang hati’ eating there. Only sometimes I went to one of the other outlets, even then, I felt uneasy, ‘tak senang hati’ at the other outlet.” He continued.
He said that the restaurant owner enlist the help of djinn to ‘block’ customers from going to the other food outlets.
“Your friend is lucky that the djinn is kafir. If that djinn is Muslim, he would just laugh and follow to read Yasin as well. The Djinn would even laugh if the tajwid and idheram is incorrect.”
He explained further that we are all Allah’s creatures, doesn’t matter whether Muslim or not. Whatever we asked, Allah will grant it. Some people asked or pray to Allah through Iblis, syaitan or djinn, and Allah still grant his/her wishes. While some people pray directly to Allah. Still there are some people asked the help of pious and religious person to pray for him/her.

I have read somewhere that Allah will grant the prayer of people who are oppressed, pious and pure, in that order. So be careful sons and daughters of Adam, if you wronged someone, because Allah will grant the prayers of people who are oppressed or suffer injustice, I mean everyone, doesn’t matter he/she is Muslim or not.

Then my friend told me of his former boss, who was Ministry of Health director for Perlis, whom as soon as he was transferred to Perlis suffered a debilitating illness and paralyzed from chest down to his toe. He spoke only Siamese language, even though all his life he had never spoken Siamese. Strange but true.

He has also experienced the wrath of ‘bomoh Siam’ when he was working in Alor Star. He employed ‘orang gaji’ a Siam girl, who was good looking. After some time, his wife noticed that the girl starting to fuss over him, and when he was late home, she set aside food for him. At some stage, when cleaning the house, my friend noticed that there were sand in the house. His wife was not happy, and terminated the girl’s employment. He kept having fights and arguments with his wife whenever they were in the house. Later the girl came to meet him with her mother and grandmother. The grandmother told my friend that she wanted him to marry the girl. He was not interested in the girl. In the end he had to sell the house.

Another story he told me was when he was stationed in Johor Bharu. He was staying at staff quarters with his wife. He noticed some strange going on in the house. His son complained that someone hurt him, and when asked who did it, his son pointed to the corner of the room. Yet he saw no one there. Whenever he wore black t-shirt to sleep, the next morning the black t-shirt was chucked outside. On some other occasions, there was large size woman’s underwear hanging on the clothesline in the morning. One time his sister came over for a visit and stayed overnight. The next morning she asked him why he slept next to her on the single bed. The bed was narrow, not enough space for two.
“I didn’t sleep there” he said.
One afternoon he was sitting by the front window, and he saw a big human like creature as high as the power line. Realising that the house was spooky, he sought help from an alim, who came and visit his place. The alim confirmed his suspicion, saying that the place is ‘keras’, spooky. There were unseen beings coming over and visit from time to time. This alim in turn asked help from another alim, a religious man who lived in Mecca, but came back to Johor Bharu every month to spread Wirid Haddad.
This alim, asked him to buy a ‘kati’ of coarse salt and give it him. The next day, the alim gave back the salt and told him before he go to sleep that night to recite Ayat Kursi and spread the salt around his house especially the problem areas at the back of his house.
The next morning when he woke up, he checked around, and saw blood splattered on the walls and on the courtyard.
The alim assured him that the djinn wouldn’t come back again; the salt was like broken glass and sharp object to the djinn.

I asked him about orang bunian.
“They are human being just like us, some of them Muslim, some of them not, and some of them are good Muslim, while some are not. He related a story of an Ustadz he know who went for hajj. In Mecca he befriended another man who was also a Johorean. The man introduced his wife who was also doing the hajj. They talked and the man invited the Ustadz to visit him, giving him his address at Batu 37, Jalan Jemaluang Mersing. The man also given the Ustadz an ayat to recite before going on the journey. Those days, most people don’t have car, and the Ustadz was going to visit his friend by bus. So the Ustadz asked the bus driver to stop and drop him off at Batu 37 Jalam Jemaluang Mersing.
“Batu 37? Tempat hutan Ustadz. (That place is forest)” said the bus driver.
When the bus driver dropped him off, there was a car by the roadside, his friend whom he met in Mecca was there waiting for him. The Ustadz was driven into the village, just like normal village, with tarred road, houses and masjid. The small difference is the all the womenfolk wear tudung, covered up. He was introduced to his friend’s wife and children. Ustadz even stayed overnight at his friend’s place. The next day when it was time to leave, Ustadz was driven to the main road to catch the bus. His friend told him not to look back, but just go straight ahead. Ustadz was also told to recite the ayat whenever he wants to come back and visit this friend.
His bus driver friend asked, “ Did you visit your friends place Ustadz?’
He said, “Yes”
“Whats there at Batu 37 Ustadz?”

Living in the West for a long time, I never heard of such unnatural, spooky phenomenon for a long time. Yes I have heard of such stories in my childhood in the village.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Funny Fake Message ..

No, this is not real..

FW: A Message from John Key

Dear People of New Zealand,

Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown of the economy, your Government has decided to implement a scheme to put workers 50 years of age and older on early retirement.

This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early). Persons selected to be RAPED can apply to the government to be eligible for the SHAFT scheme (Special Help After Forced Termination).

Persons who have been RAPED and SHAFTED will be reviewed under the SCREW program (Scheme Covering Retired Early Workers). A person may be RAPED once, SHAFTED twice and SCREWED as many times as the government deems appropriate.

Only persons who have been RAPED can get AIDS (Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse) or HERPES (Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance). Obviously, persons who have AIDS or HERPES will not be SHAFTED or SCREWED any further by the government.

Persons who are not RAPED and are staying on, will receive as much SHIT (Special High Intensity Training) as possible. The National government has always prided itself in the amount of SHIT it gives out. Should you feel that you do not receive enough SHIT, please bring this to the attention of your local MP. They have been trained to give you all the SHIT you can handle.


John Key

Prime Minister

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 Mei 2009 Political Crisis in Perak; 13 Mei 1969 Political Crisis in Selangor

Nah, I am not drawing comparison, because those 2 dates are incomparable.

So far 13 Mei 2009, its only start of the day. Nothing happened yet. Its only start of the day.

Events leading to this day:

Pakatan Rakyat, a loose coalition of Opposition Parties managed to pull a surprise in March 2008, by getting more seats than BN, thus forming a coalition Govt in Perak.

February 2009, 3 ADUNs left Pakatan Rakyat and joined BN, each allegedly rewarded handsomely, rumour says up to RM25 million.

The Sultan of Perak invited Zambry Abd Kadir the leader of opposition from BN to form a Government, but Nizar Jamaluddin, the Pakatan MB hasnt resigned nor forced from his position through formal vote of confidence. His appeal to the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly felt on deaf ears. He seeked redress through court.

7 May 2009, In a State Assembly sitting, all hell broke loose, BN brought in police and use strong arm tactics to take out the Speaker, a spectacle never seen before in civilised world.

11 May 2009, Federal Court ruled that Nizar Jamaluddin as the rightful MB of Perak. Thus declaring Zambry Abd Kadir as illegal usurper for the position of MB.
12 May 2009, Zambry Abd Kadir managed get a stay pending appeal to the decision at the Court of Appeal. Leaving the politics of Perak to continue in limbo.

13 Mei 1969

10 Mei 1969, Opposition parties won big in Selangor, Penang and Perak in a Peninsula wide election. Opposition were poised to form State Govt in those states.


There is a parallel in these two situations....

Its about naked power. Its about the Malay rule. For some people, I mean a section of the Malays community, they are not ready to be ruled by the Chinese Malaysian, or Indian Malaysian. And they would NOT accept that Nizar Jamaluddin, even though he is a Malay Muslim. Some Malay Muslim still think that DAP Chinese are the power behind Nizar Jamaluddin, "memerintah sebagai boneka".

Lets accept that the situation in Perak is very fragile now. BN, as asserted by PM Najib, would NOT hold statewide election, because they know BN will lose.
Hence the dogged effort to prolong the crisis, to stay in power by all means.

What if the Court of Appeal rule in favour of Zambry? Then the fiasco/crisis would die down until the next Malaysiawide election PRU13.

What if the Court of Appeal rule in favour of Nizar? If BN give up, Nizar would ask the Sultan to dissolve the Assembly, hold statewide election, and Pakatan would more than likely win bigger majority, given current sentiment.
This is what BN DO NOT WANT. A bigger majority for opposition would have a snowball effect.
BN could ask the Sultan to suspend the Assembly and impose Emergency Rule for the State of Perak, on the pretext of 'huru hara' in the state...

In My Humble Opinion, Pakatan Rakyat would be better off lose this state, Perak, and keep the momentum going in garnering the support of the people if the Court of Appeal rule in favour of Zambry. Let Zambry rule, let the hatred of Malaysians, Perakians especially accumulated and snowball, to materialised into Pakatan winning more seats, and the Govt hopefully in the next PRU13.
Losing the battle doesnt mean losing the WAR.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nizar The Rightful MB, I kind of Expect that after reading Najib's in The Star yesterday

this is what I wrote last night;

Zambry, go eat your shorts!

And now to the car auction business, what do you think the people of Perak do about it?

Beside that, there is the business of embarassing melee and coup at the Perak Assembly. What an embarassment to Najib and Zambry.

Keep it up Najib and Zambry, at this rate no one would vote for BN by the next election.

Najib Admit that He Made a Blunder.

Read this in the Star.
Are we expecting that the court ruling in favour of Nizar as the rightful MB tomorrow?
I think so, even mainstream media are not in favour of BN Zambry goon tactic.

Published: Sunday May 10, 2009 MYT 5:11:00 PM
PM: BN ready to work with opposition to resolve Perak crisis

PEKAN: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Barisan Nasional government is willing to cooperate with opposition parties to resolve the political crisis in Perak but that does not mean that it would agree to a coalition government.

The prime minister said the cooperation should be based on the spirit of mutual respect and adherence to the country's law.

"Cooperation does not mean forming a coalition government. It doesn't have to be in that form... it can take various other forms but the most important thing is that there should be mutual respect," he told reporters after opening Pekan Umno branch meetings here Sunday.

Najib was commenting on the statement by DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang Saturday that he (Lim) was willing to meet Najib to discuss the Perak political impasse.

Najib stressed that the Perak political crisis could have been avoided if all parties had adhered to the law and respected one another.

"If we respect the law, and everyone should respect the law, there won't be any crisis and things won't turn into a crisis. But when all are claiming that they are right, then there are bound to be problems," he said.

Najib said the Barisan government had always kept an open attitude and had given best service to the people.

"We don't want the situation (in Perak) to prolong. We want to serve the people, for everyone in Perak and throughout the country," the prime minister said. - Bernama

Ahad Mei 10, 2009
Krisis politik Perak: Campur tangan Sultan penentu penyelesaian?

BERTIKAM LIDAH... ADUN Pakatan Rakyat dan Barisan Nasional terlibat dalam pertikaman lidah pada sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak Khamis lalu.

PETALING JAYA: Di sebalik krisis politik Perak yang telah masuk bulan ketiga sekarang, penganalisis-penganalisis berpendapat parti-parti politik perlu berkompromi manakala Sultan perlu campur tangan walaupun raja "berada di atas politik".

Penganalisis politik Dr. Sivamurugan Pandian dari Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) berkata, kekecohan di Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Perak Khamis lalu tidak sepatutnya berlaku dalam konteks demokrasi diamalkan di negara ini.

“Kita tak seharusnya sampai ke tahap mentaliti politik yang negatif seperti yang berlaku dalam Parlimen di Taiwan,” katanya.

Jelasnya, imej negara tercalar atas kekecohan yang berlaku dan kemelut politik yang melanda Perak tidak akan selesai sehingga pilihan raya umum yang ke-13 jika tiada langkah segera diambil.

“Sudah tiba masanya baginda (Sultan Perak) campur tangan bagi menyelesaikan masalah ini.

“Saya melihat Sultan wajar mengeluarkan kenyataan bagi memaklumkan pendirian baginda berhubung keputusan yang telah dibuat (melantik Menteri Besar BN, Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir).

“Walaupun Sultan berada di atas kuasa politik tapi dalam situasi seperti ini, saya melihat campur tangan itu perlu untuk meredakan kemelut politik di Perak,” kata beliau kepada mStar Online.

Mengulas lanjut mengenai isu tersebut, Sivamurugan yang juga Timbalan Dekan Pusat Pengajian Sains Kemasyarakatan, Universiti Sains Malaysia berkata, baginda boleh mengisytiharkan darurat di Perak dan menyerahkan urus tadbir negeri itu kepada kerajaan Persekutuan untuk sementara waktu. “Langkah ini boleh diambil kerana pentadbiran di Perak telah menjadi kucar-kacir dan rakyat yang mangsa. Pemimpin politik ini perlu berhenti bertelagah,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, perbuatan pembangkang tempoh hari lebih bersifat populis untuk meraih sokongan rakyat untuk menunjukkan seolah-olah mereka menjadi mangsa diskriminasi dan percaturan politik BN.

“Mereka (Pakatan Rakyat) sengaja berbuat demikian kerana ia akan memberi kesan kepada pola pengundian pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

“Rakyat Perak dijangka menterjemahkan melalui pilihan raya, mereka akan undi pembangkang sebagai undi protes kepada BN yang dilihat merampas Perak daripada Pakatan Rakyat,” katanya.

Tambahnya, bagi menyelesaikan konflik politik itu salah satu pihak perlu mengalah, tetapi sama ada BN mahupun Pakatan kelihatan tidak akan mengalah dengan mudah.

“Jalan penyelesaian terbaik adalah kita harus serahkan kepada mahkamah. Sememangnya akan ada pihak yang tidak berpuas hati dengan keputusan mahkamah Isnin ini.

“Amalan berpolitik keterlaluan yang berterusan hanya merugikan negara dan rakyat akan terus mangsa,” katanya.

Pensyarah Pusat Pengajian Sejarah, Politik dan Strategi Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Prof Madya Dr Ahmad Nidzamuddin pula menyifatkan insiden tersebut sebagai satu lagi rampasan kuasa selepas tumbangnya kerajaan Pakatan Februari lalu.

“Apa yang berlaku semalam tidak betul dan salah dari sudut perlembagaan. Mereka (kerajaan Barisan Nasional) tidak boleh memecat Speaker dan pelantikan penggantinya yang baru (dari BN) juga tidak sah," katanya.

Jelasnya, kekecohan itu juga memberi tanggapan negatif masyarakat luar negara terhadap negara ini.

“Bukan sahaja ekonomi Perak akan terjejas, malah ada kemungkinan pelabur-pelabur asing akan was-was mengenai kestabilan politik di negeri itu.

“Ini secara tidak langsung memberi kesan kepada industri pelancongan ekoran urus tadbir yang tidak sempurna,” katanya.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Stranger Who Made Our Sofa Home

he has grown fatter for the past month..

and knows how to make sorry face too, to make us feel sorry and let him stay..
We call him Ginger, for the ginger colour.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Perak: A Coup if You can call it

It is shameful what is happening in Perak today.

Please READ up to date account on Drs Khalil Idham Lim blog.

I can summarise as; the main Opposition ie BN assemblymen staged a coup, remove the current sitting speaker, and install their own speaker. Then install their own people as government. Plainclothes police personnel were used. They might as well stage a coup, like in Fiji.

One thing is sure, Perakians would not tolerate this, regardless of their political leaning. UMNO and BN popularity among Malays is at all time low. BN would not win people's heart if this is what they are doing to hold on to power.

The only right thing to do is to go back to the people, hold another statewide elections, get a fresh mandate.

At this rate, I am not very hopeful that the High Court would rule in favour of Nizar's on Monday. But we all know that if the judges are impartial, they should rule in favour of Nizar.

BN is their own worse enemy. They keep committing mistakes after another.

Pakailah T-Shirt Sopan Sikit, Apalagi bila Sembahyang.

Article and Pictures from Malaysia-Today

that gut in black t-shirt..

did you read what the T-

Malaysia-Today has this article which caught my eye..


No its not the article that made me laugh, but the pictures..

JAIP haramkan sembahyang (UPDATED)
Thursday, 07 May 2009 02:11

(Suara Keadilan) - JABATAN Agama Islam Perak (Jaip) dikatakan telah mengeluarkan arahan untuk tidak membenarkan sebarang aktiviti mulai Maghrib sehingga ke Subuh, pagi ini.

Menurut sebuah blog,, arahan berkenaan telah diberikan kepada Masjid Ittihadiyyah, Kg. Tengku Husein malah dikatakan beberapa masjid di sekitar Ipoh turut menerima arahan yang sama.

Arahan berkenaan dikeluarkan bagi menghalang orang ramai dari menunaikan Solat Hajat dan Munajat yang dijadualkan akan diadakan di masjid Ittihadiyyah pagi ini.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Tale from Swine Virus...quarantine

What happen in case of suspected or person at one stage sat close to swine flu suspect? Here is an example of steps taken for quarantine.
Big cities has commandeered some hotel as the place to quarantine suspected cases. So travellers will be directed to go to these hotels..

Hello all,

At 1815 this evening (Sunday May 3), Mr. ##$$$$%%^^ walked into the hotel. Mr. $%^&^&** is a regular guest, and is the GM of $%^^&&&* in #$%^&&*&*.

Mr. $%^^&&&* returned to New Zealand yesterday on a flight from North America, and was seated 2 rows away from another passenger who is showing symptoms of influenza. Mr. %$%^^&& was driving into Christchurch this evening when he was contacted by the Canterbury District Health Board Community and Public Health Services, and advised that he is being placed in quarantine.

His mandatory quarantine period finishes at 5am on Tuesday morning.

It is highly unlikely that he is unwell, Mr. %^&^&** has not shown any symptoms, and his quarantine is strictly a precaution. It is his choice to stay with us (rather than at the %^&^&** where they were going to put him). He is staying two nights and checking out Tuesday morning. He will settle his own account.

For our protection, CDHB Community and Public Health Services have asked us to do the following:


No staff are to enter his room until the CDHB have advised us that it is OK (will likely be early Tuesday morning). Mr. $%^&^& will leave his Privacy sign out to signal this.
Mr. %^&&**( is allowed to leave his room and will, there is no risk in open areas if he stays as least one meter away from others.

Food and beverage

He will have all his meals room service, the meals are to be taken to the room (knock on the door) and left on the ground outside the door. Mr. %%^^&&* does not need to sign the docket, this is to avoid handling possibly infected items.
We have taken cutlery to his room which he is to retain for the duration of his stay. He has some dishwash liquid and will wash his cutlery himself.
Dishes from his meals will be placed outside his room and he will contact ^&^&&**(((). Any handling of his dishes by our staff is to be done with gloves on, and the dishes are to go straight into the dishwasher and washed as normal. He has said he may wash his own dishes and retain them in his room until Tuesday.
No staff are to enter the room until we are given the all-clear by the CDHB.


His room is not to be serviced on Monday Apr 4, and he is not to receive turndown.
Mr. %^&^&** will call reception if he needs extra towels, otherwise he does not require anything from housekeeping until he departs.
We have taken some general purpose cleaner for him to clean his bathroom with if necessary.
No staff are to enter the room until we are given the all-clear by the CDHB.

CDHB will advise us in the extremely unlikely event that Mr. %^^&** is infected with Influenza H1N1, in which case they will also advise full procedure for handling the room, and it will need to be disinfected by an outside contractor at their cost.

If there are any circumstance that requires our staff to enter the room in the meantime (there shouldn’t be), any soiled linen and rubbish from the room needs to be handled with rubber gloves, and staff working in the room will need to wear face masks.

Mr. %^&^&** is fully aware of all of the above, and is a little embarrassed at his predicament. He keeps saying he doesn’t want to be any trouble, and will help us in any way he can!

I have blocked the room as held over on Tuesday just in case!

-------is Manager of Public & Community Health at the Canterbury District Health Board, and he telephoned and gave me the above details. ---------is a Health Promoter P&CH at CDHB, and visited Mr. $%^&^&&* to deliver a course of Tamiflu and some hand sanitizer.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Triax NC2 Racing Bike.

Bought this bike a couple of weeks ago. Almost brand new, for $190. Its probably worth more than that.
Just added the rest bar, so I can relax a bit if I want to, while riding. Been using it a couple of time, to town 6km away, and its fast and light.

The body is made of aluminium and its lightweight.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Forgotten Cash: Did You Left Behind some Money in NZ?

Inland Revenue Dept NZ has been collecting unclaimed money forwarded by banks and employers all over New Zealand.
If you have been living in NZ at some stage after 1973, and left behind some money, and by luck your name appear HERE, you can claim your money.

A quick check reveal some Malay names like:

Haji Mohd Yusof, Abdul Ghani Bin $506.36
Abdul Hamid, E M $642.65
Mohamed, N S $194.55

Of course, there are hundreds of Chinese names.
Check it out, you might left behind some fortune.

story courtesy The Press.
Forgotten cash owed to 84,000 Kiwis

Tens of thousands of New Zealanders could be in line for a windfall from a $51 million Inland Revenue stash.

A government register of unclaimed money reveals thousands of Kiwis are owed a total of $51m. The unclaimed amounts range from $100 to $252,135.

The money consists of unclaimed funds from wills, insurance claims and uncollected pay packets and is handed to Inland Revenue after it has remained untouched for six years.

The department has records of 84,000 New Zealanders owed a total of $51m dating back to 1973.

An online record of 15,200 recent unclaimed amounts, worth a total of $14.4m, has been published by Inland Revenue.

The register allows people to search for their name and find out if they are entitled to money.

Inland Revenue group manager for customer operations, Heather Daly, said the unclaimed money could help people during the recession.

"In these times, if we can get the money to people it would help," she said.

Money is claimed by hundreds of people every year. Last year, 760 people made claims totalling $1.6m.

The Christchurch managing partner for accounting firm KPMG, Paul Kiesanowski, said it was unusual for money to stay unclaimed.

"It is extremely rare. The money obviously builds up over time. It is amazing how much can end up in there.

"It is rare that someone can't be traced," he said.

Accountants went to great lengths to find people owed money, including searching electoral rolls, tracing addresses and placing notices in newspapers, he said.

The Unclaimed Moneys Act 1971 requires that funds left untouched for more than six years are paid to Inland Revenue.

The money is transferred to a Treasury account, which does not earn interest, and claims are administered by Inland Revenue. The financial institute that held the money for six years is required under law to make every effort to find the owner before it is transferred.

The unclaimed money has nothing to do with tax refunds.

To see if your name is on the list, see

To claim money email or write to Unclaimed Money, Inland Revenue, PO Box 38222, Wellington Mail Centre.


Konami owed $252,135. IPDS Ltd Trust $119,603. Kenneth Alexander Kliendienst $46,000. Gerrard Trust $30,974. G Norris $26,630.