Sunday, October 23, 2005

Life is short.

Nothing jolt us from the torpor of daily life than death of someone close to us.
On Thursday, Datin Endon Mahmood wife of PM died of cancer. Then on the same morning, Hj Mat Mazlan Abu, a friend I knew from college days died in a road accident in KL. I havent met him close to 20 years, only the occasional email. In case of PM's wife, I have never met her at all, but inside me, my sorrow goes out for their close relatives. I remember what my friend like when we were young, the games we layed and how he loves playing soccer and cricket.
At times like these we take stock of our lives, not measuring what we have done, but realising that we havent done enough of of our obligations - to Allah, ourselves, family and people around us.
Allah sends us to this world to do a job - that is to worship Him. Act of worship is not just prayer, fast, hajj and zakat, but also to do good deeds towards our fellow residents of this world.
Everyone has their own way to do good deeds, and everyone should contribute for the benefit of mankind and the world.

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