Thursday, December 29, 2005

Story about MAS

Here is a response about my call for MAS to be wind up.

MAS should start afresh as new company
Teropong Negara
Dec 27, 05 5:14pm

I share the sentiments expressed by Noor Yahaya Hamzah and fully support his views that the present MAS be liquidated and a new company be set up to take over where it left. The new company should start afresh with a new business model that reflects current practices in the airline industry with a cost structure and quality of service that is competitive.

The issue of this new airline gathering a store house of irrelevant "corporate treasures", retaining expensive overheads and carrying on its shoulder a group of people that looks more like an emperor and his extravagant team of palace guards and advisers should not repeat. I wonder how we could ever rescue a company that is so remote and irrelevant from the present management practices of other airlines that are out to do their best to maximise shareholder value in such a challenging industry.

Yes in the past we have seen no less then Bank Negara being made a substantial shareholder of MAS with its governor being appointed to the board. It was clear to everybody that it was a disguised bailout of the past. Going forward we do not like to see the like of either Bank Negara or Petronas to have anything to do with the new national airline. It should be made to stand on its own as an efficient and competitive airline that is renowned for its management practices and customer service.

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