Sunday, February 05, 2006

Prophet Muhammad cartoon

Roslan send this comment on this issue:
1) Islam is monotheistic religeon. Muslims worship
Allah alone and don't worship other than that. We
don't have idols etc in the mosque. True Muslims will
not have paintings of even the prophets to avoid
confusion that Mohammed is not a human prophet.

2) It's about time for westeners understand the
sensitive issues of other religions. It's bloody
unfair when it comes to economic issue like oil, they
arm twist the Muslims to sell them oil at a price that
Muslims can't determine. And then they stab Muslims in
their backs by calling them terrorists.

OPEC did not control oil price as US claimed. HOw come
EXXON-Mobil has a record profit of $25.3 billion in
2004. (USD$10.7billion for the latest quarter).FYI The U.S. FTC
has in the past found that U.S. oil companies
intentionally withheld supplies of gasoline from the
market in order to drive prices up.

What's this has to do with cartoon? A lot actually.
Stop portraying Muslims as fundamentalist terrorist.
We are kind enough to provide supply as US demanded.
We are forced to be friends to US but not many realise
this. We are too kind to raise this issue to avoid
embarassing the westeners. Go to middle east and see
how they treat the westeners (except for Iraq, and
that is understandable. US robbed and killed them what
do you expect).

3) NZ should remain a peaceful country just as what
the gov of NZ wants. The people of NZ dont realise how
hard the gov is working (literally begging) to get
entry into a more lucrative market in MidEast and

The repercussion of the cartoon on Muhammed is costly
to businesses. For example Arla Foods sales in the
Middle East have plummeted to zero. We don't want this
to happen.

SO they should stop being an ignoramus of other
people's culture as globalisation demands us to be
dependent on each other. Start reading books on ISlam
(not by Western Orientalists) but by Muslims
themselves. Muslims means many races and I'm proud to
say that there's no rasicm in Islam. Start reading
books like Idiots Guide to Understanding ISlam by
Yahiya Emerick (obtainable from

4)Westeners may be advanced in technologies but they
behave like animals when it comes to human relations.
Offending other religions and races has been a
trademark of many Europeans and they have carried that
unconsciously in their blood now. They must realise
that this is a 21st Century and superiority complex
has no place in this world. All races are equal and
their culture and their way of life is to be
respected. Even their political life is not for us to
comment on. It's their choice. So stop bathing in
ocean of ingnorance and stop meddling in other
people's affairs.

I am saying that Western media behaving like stupid bully boys, doing damage to their country and their nations relations among its citizens and neighbours for the sake for being able to say what they like. Abusing friends and insulting them, then expect to be treated fairly.
To say that their government is powerless to stop this stupidity? True, but government should know better and apologize on behalf of the silly idiots who knows nothing better.
I appreciate that those newspaper that publicise the cartoon want to achieve instant recognition and celebrity status unprecedented since the days of AlJazeera and CNN achieve worldwide brand recognition during the two Gulf Wars.
Yes those fringe and dying newspapers would instantly increase circulation, but is it worth it when the country suffers from boycott and diplomatic setback overseas?

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