Friday, April 14, 2006

The Bridge is Off

It was a "get your cronies richer" scheme to start with, legacy of Mahathir's era. I could imagine the millions and billions that goes to some people pockets getting contracts and subcontracts.
Yes we have heard that before.

As for making JB a marina and pleasure boat haven, who benefit from that? The rich of course, once they get the contract, they will have more money to splash about, including pleasure boats.

This shows that Abdullah Badawi intent of undoing the legacies of Mahathir's era. He want to show that he is not shackled by Mahathir's legacies and his men in cabinet.

Or is it? Najib, What say you?

As for the new CIQ complex, I think its a waste of money as well. I think its pointless to do immigration check at JB in the first place, the same with customs. Why dont we just let everyone free entry? No need to check or stamp passport.

Then we could say to Singaporean that once upon a time Singapore is part of Malaysia, and may one day will be part of Malaysia again.
Send the chilling shiver up their backs!

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