Sunday, February 04, 2007

FTA with the Devill

Title: FTA with the Devil

Consider this:
It is reported in Hadith Al Bukhari that the end of the world will not happen before Dajjal rule most part of the world. There will be time of strife. Dajjal would say that he is god, and gives food to his followers. Muslims who say “You are indeed Dajjal” will be killed.
In another hadith, it is said that Allah will give rain to the land whose people are nonbelievers, and there will be drought and no rain to the land whose people are Muslim believers.
Current issue in front page of newspaper in Western world is global warming and climate change. That is the greatest challenge facing mankind in the near future Warmer temperatures in the world means that most continents are getting drier and water become scarce. Glaciers in European Alps, Antarctica, and the Arctic ice shelf has become thinner and retreating – releasing more water and inundating low lying areas around the world.
Indeed we will be facing a time of strife in the near future, where drought is norm resulting in food scarcity.

Now consider this:
Great progress has been made in biotechnology to select food plant cultivars that are drought resistant, and produce higher yields. Israeli scientists and agriculturalists have devised methods to grow wheat, legumes and vegetables that are drought resistant and uses less water, yet produce high yields.
USA has made huge progress in genetically modified (GM) food crops that now they are expanding and introduce higher yield food variety to the rest of the world.
Most GM food patents in the USA are controlled by corporations like Monsanto, Cargill etc. So essentially these corporations are controlling food production and distribution. Rice, maize, wheat and soybeans which are from GM variety produce higher yields, drought and pest resistant.

Now that USA is negotiating FTA with a few countries around the world, sooner or later these corporations which control patents to the GM food varieties would make inroads to other markets beside USA.
Karan Bhatia, USA trade negotiator might say that USA rice is not in competition with rica produced by Malaysian padi farmers. BUT USA’s Uncle Ben rice and Calrose ricehave much better taste, form, versatility and keep. So even though Uncle Ben and Calrose rice more expensive, they will gain market share quickly. The same could be said for Basmati rice from Pakistan/India and Jasmine rice from Thailand. Malaysians already have definite preference for those imported rice compared to local rice. So if there is free trade with USA, it would not be very long before Malaysian agriculture be obliterated and USA corporations would soon sponsor local farmers to produce GM varieties controlled by these US corporations – or they could simply buy local agri-based companies.

Do you see what I mean? USA corporations would be controlling food production in Malaysia and elsewhere in the near future.
Now back to the story of Dajjal.
Dajjal would say that he is god and give food to his followers. Don’t you think this is too much of a coincident?

This story may not be true or may not happen – a wild prediction on my behalf. If you read Hadith Al Bukhari, those stories about Dajjal as said by Prophet Muhammad SAW is written.

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