Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blogging: The Future of Info Flow and Exchange

Blogging is about being able to say and write your piece of mind. This right was previously denied and selectively curtailed by mainstream media. Why do I blog? I want to say what I think, have my own outlet to publish my thoughts and be damn with it!
Some Govt Minister are sooo out of date with rakyat thinking, as in this article below by Susan Loone.
Listen Minister!
The rakyat want a say in the debate too!
In the near future, print media will be like dinosaur, or Utusan Melayu Jawi version... slowly out of print! So does home computer, being replaced by cellphone, with higher capability. More like personal communications station.
Blogpages will be the new newspaper, disseminating news and information and views and opinions.

23/03: Bloggers controversy keeps journalists busy
Category: General
Posted by: Raja Petra
Susan LooneLong Yew Foo, the reporter currently embroiled in the bloggers’ controversy with Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan, went on record again, this time in Sin Chew Daily, saying that the minister had indeed made the statement, condemning women bloggers as liars. (This article was translated by a friend).“I still have the evidence in my hand. He did not say this was a joke, nor had he ask to say this off the record,” said Long, in his article featured in the Interactive Platform column in Sin Chew yesterday (original article inside).Long reiterated that Adnan’s press conference that day (8 March) lasted nearly an hour, with his critic on bloggers taking up most of the time.He added that during Adnan’s press conference, the minister had mentioned that STAR’s Wong Chun Wai should not have quoted a blogger’s statement in his column. (Wong wrote about Nila Tanzil, which subsequently led to the minister’s sweeping comments, and eventually the loss of Nila’s job at the Tv station).“Thus, the critics on bloggers had replaced the issue of ‘mega sales’ in the press conference,” added Long.Long said he did not want to repeat the minister’s statement as it had been published on Sin Chew’s March 9 edition.Then he took a swipe at one of the Chinese news websites, probably Merdeka Review, calling them “one of the Chinese news portal who hardly double check their news writing” and said they “later quoted a comment from a blogger, insinuating that Sin Chew was a liar“.“This has indirectly questioned my professionalism and ethics,” said Long.The reporter went on to lament that the website quoted a person’s statement, and created a false impression that Sin Chew was a “liar”.“No doubt it has turned white into black and claimed that the black was even blacker, but the one who wrote the news did not even attend the function on that day, hence what is the basis for making this malicious statement?““Again, this is another concrete attempt of an Internet portal to tarnish Sin Chew’s image and harm its credibility to promote itself”.It seems Long is now on the defensive mode, trying to prove that Sin Chew did not lie. But until Long reveals “the evidence in my hand“, in this case the recording of the minister’s accusation, we would never know who indeed lied, would we?

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