Friday, October 03, 2008

That Cheap? Still, A Waste of Money.

YES, that cheap, USD$1.75 for a house. Probably less than the price for a Big Mac.

But if you dont plan to move in, and the house will cost you more money for back taxes and clean up, you end up wasting more money. After taxes and clean up, and real estate agent commission, would you make profit? Good luck!

As a friend said, the value of a house is as much as the next person willing to pay for it.


US woman buys house on eBay for $2.60
2:27PM Thursday October 02, 2008

MICHIGAN - A Chicago woman has bought a house on eBay for an abandoned home with a bid of just US$1.75 ($2.60).

Joanne Smith's bid was one of eight for the home in Saginaw, Illinois.

"I am going to try and sell it," she said. "I don't have any plans to move to Saginaw."

Smith said she hasn't seen the property or visited Saginaw, which has been hard-hit by economic troubles in recent years.

There's a notice on the door of the home saying a foreclosure hearing is pending, the newspaper said.

She must pay about US$850 in back taxes and clean-up costs.

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