Monday, January 12, 2009

Kita Bertemu Di Cameron; Lets Meet in Cameron

Kita Bertemu Di Cameron; Lets Meet in Cameron

My mother has never been to Cameron Highlands, neither did I. I searched Google Map the day before, there are two ways to get there, either through Teluk Intan and then Tapah or through Jalan Raja Musa, Jalan Sungai Tengi and then take the PLUS North South Highway to Tapah. My brother advised me to take the latter.
That Friday morning 9th Jan we started off at 7am. We went straight due east using Jalan Raja Musa, passing palm oil estates along the way. Then to Jalan Sungai Tengi and eventually we found the road linking to North South Highway, straight to Tapah, stopping at Tapah for toilet.

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