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A Story of the Supernatural Kind; Bergaduh dengan Jin, Fighting with Djinn

A Story of the Supernatural Kind; Bergaduh dengan Jin, Fighting with Djinn

My friend’s sister in law is a good looking woman, even more so in her younger days. As is normal in any society, good looking woman would attract powerful and sometimes bad men, and the man who managed to woo and marry her was a powerful man who already had another wife. However her father didn’t agree to the union, but she was besotted with him.
Sound like a good story? Well, read on.
They didn’t get married until after her father passed away. The powerful man worked in high office of Perak State Govt. He was a womanizer of sort, a playboy. He confessed to my friend that he had supernatural help in wooing the women. He had two djinns, one black and one white, named Hitam and Putih. Hitam’s duties was to take care of his properties, he was tough and strong. Putih duties were to help him charm the women. Guess what, he was charming and wily.
Eventually the once powerful man gets old and died. His two djinns were still living in his house.
The negative thing thing about djinn is, everything that belongs to the master, also belong to the djinn. That means the house, the properties and also the wife or wives. Djinn can assume the appearance of the master. So even though the man has died, Hitam and Putih were still living in the house, and sometimes show themselves to my friend’s sister in law.
My friend was asked to find someone to persuade the djinns to move away from the house. So he enlisted the help of one of the disciples of Ustadz Haron Din, who agreed to come over. The first time he came over, the ustadz didn’t even enter the compound.
“I have to prepare myself, I will come over when I am ready” he said.

A few days later the ustadz came back. He set the stage in the main hall, cleared the furniture and asked that all the doors and windows be closed. My friend and his sister in law was allowed to sit at the corner and watch. Reciting prayers and zikr, the ustadz persuaded the djinns to leave, and when the djinns refused, he started fighting the djinns. My friend could not see the djinns, but his sister in law could. There were thumping sounds and things moved as if something has been pushing them. Then he heard a loud bang on the ceiling fan, the ceiling fan moved from side to side. Apparently the ustadz had thrown one of the djinns to the ceiling, hitting the ceiling fan. After that the djinns were persuaded to leave the house, but they might still come back from time to time for ‘old time sake’.
My friend told me that its quite common for older generation Perakians to own djinn or ‘saka’.
“They used djinn to look over their properties and to help them in war” he said.
“Whoever inherits the throne of Perak, also have to inherit the djinns ‘saka’ of that throne. Every ‘alat kebesaran diraja’ has a djinn taking care of it” he continued.
“Oh, that is interesting, I never heard of that” I said.
“In fact during the coronation ceremony 15 or so years ago, one of the things that the Sultan did was got on a boat on upriver Sungai Perak that was to inherit the djinn” my friend was explaining the power of Sultan Perak.

“Nizar Jamaluddin shall be careful with his ‘sembah derhaka’, he can only do thing up to certain point, and certainly not invite anger of Sultan Perak” I thought. He might need to ask help from Ustadz Harun Din if he get the wrath of Sultan Perak... (dont quote me, its just my thoughts)

Have I witnessed someone fighting with djinn? Yes, I have, but not with my eyes, instead with my ears. Many years ago, circa 1988.
At that time I was staying behind the mosque at Deans Avenue, in a horse stable that had been converted into living quarters. My flatmates at that time were religious people who were with Arqam movement. But the djinn fight didn’t happen there, it was at a house in Riccarton.
I shall continue another day…

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