Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kenapa Seluar Teoh Koyak II

I saw this comment in Malaysia-today, i think this theory has some credibility.

written by ez24get, July 18, 2009 17:07:54
I think the key to TBH's death is the badly ripped pants that he is wearing. It looks like a large part of his pants is totally ripped away. If you look at the photo he was sprawling face down but the ripped pants was facing up. That probably meant that the pant was not ripped when he fell down but before he fell down. There were no sharp edges at the window that could have ripped his pants if he had jumped out of the window. Where are the other parts of his pant? That would give a big clue to what happened.

There could be a possibility he was subjected to another round of interrogation between 8.00am to 1.30 pm (when his body was found). Remember there was an unaccounted time between he was seen napping at the couch in the wee morning hours and the time he was found at 1.30 pm. He did not want to go home most probably because he was told that there was going to be another round of interrogation at 8.00am and he just stayed at the MACC office instead of going through the hassle of office traffic jams coming back again in the morning. Or he is still being detained but allowed to take a nap in the MACC office which is the more likely scenario. Who doesn’t want to go home if there is no further need for him to be at the MACC? Why should he commit suicide if he was to be married the next day and more over he is not the accused but a witness. So the Director of Investigation Sukri was lying through his teeth when he said he did not know what happened between 6.00am to 1.30 pm when his staff heard the screams. He did however mention that he was supposed to attend another meeting at 8.00am.

He probably attended another round of interrogation from 8.00am. But this time the interrogation is probably more intense, intimidating and worst than the day before! That's where Sukri is afraid to tell the press lest his department would be questioned on the techniques of interrogation and accountable for his death! His body language on the TV interview reveals the traits of a lying man! He said to the best of his knowledge there were no CCTV. No CCTV in MACC? Or if there were to be found CCTV, he would just claim ignorance stating that it is to his best knowledge. He couldn’t account for the time from 6.00am to 1.30pm at all? That is strange!

I would speculate the interrogators probably intimidated him by holding him out of the window by clutching at his pants threatening to release him if he had not agreed to frame his fellow colleagues. He could have been brought to another building where it is convenient to do that act of intimidation. But the pants ripped and TBH went falling down with his face down frantically using his hands to try breaking the fall. Hence the unique face down position of his fall and the explanation of his ripped pants!

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