Saturday, August 15, 2009

H1N1 Swine Flu: We should declare Curfew. NOW

What this TPM saying that declaring and area as "hot spot" as not practical?

is it becoz " beri kesan negatif apanyer?...lebih baik kita tau mana kawasan panas...orang tidaklah pergi ke situ dan berhati berada di situ? ni tak, rakyat 1Malaysia diutamakan kena H1N1 ke? bodoh punyer TPM."
and "Issue ni tak lah digembar-gembur kan sangat.Nanti menteri yg in-charged pelancungan marah...Skrg ni semua menteri (konon-nya) ada KPI, Kalau pelancung drop, fulus tak mashuk, KPI tak meet, kena drop-lah.."

So out TPM would rather have the whole Malaysia rife with H1N1, and more and more Malaysians succumb to this flu? This is absolutely RIDICULOUS.

..WHEN POLITICAL MADNESS AND LOVE OF WEALTH (if investors knows the full detail they might pull out their money from sharemarket KLSE and share prices will go down..) TAKES PRECEDENT OVER THE WELL BEING OF MALAYSIANS.

Gov't against disclosing H1N1 hotspots
Aug 15, 09 3:39pm
The government has decided against releasing information on Influenza A(H1N1) hot spots in the country, with Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin saying it was not a practical idea.

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    by fantastic4 - an hour ago

    This episode always remind me whether our leaders actually think through the issues before annoucing or commenting to the media. This is certainly not the first time. Flip-flop policies seems to be the trademark. Many examples, like Education policies, internet censorship and then this ? Don't they think before they talk ???

  • by concerned - 2 hours ago

    It's like not telling you where there is a minefield and letting you walk into it.

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    by Suhakam - 2 hours ago

    Sometimes I wonder whether the government is really serious in tackling the H1N1 problem. The increasing death toll is extremely worrying.

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    by Lin Wen quan - 2 hours ago

    Trademark of Malaysia Boleh - first deny then cover up and let the people go about their business in blissful ignorance. With already so many reported deaths, we are now talking about ordering additional the antiviral drug, Tamiflu. In Australia, at the first sign of an imminent outbreak of H1N1, all hospitals were issued Tamiflu as a standby measure. It looks like the drug house producing Tamiflu is obliged to entertain our order when H1N1 is now more or less a global curse and therefore immediate supply may be a problem. The moral is 'Take care of yourself and don't expect the government to take care of you'.

  • by Mykern - 2 hours ago

    If a certain area is declared H1N1 free, then people may go there and inadavertantly infest it .... thus spreading it.

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    by Dennis Madden - 2 hours ago

    ... or maybe they dont even know where the hot spots are

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    by David Yau - 3 hours ago

    Flip flop again... always engage brain before opening mouth lah!

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