Monday, December 07, 2009

Whats Wrong with Dubai World..

Its easy to find fault and do post mortem, especially on issues of economics. Yes there are lots of extravagant dreams and think big projects. By normal standard these projects are too big, and success hinge on slick marketing of finished or unfinished properties with a view of making more big fat profits for investors of the properties.

The trick might work, just make sure Dubai have a huge influx of immigrants and new residents who would eventually demand more properties.

But one thing we all Muslims must remember, all the ideas and hard work that we do, would still have to pass one standard test, that the investment or work done must be halal in totality. For Non Muslim, yes every hard work they do will get reward in this world, and as such thier investment and work will gain rewards and successes.
For Muslims, there is one more hurdle to pass, that the work and investment is halal.

Why do I write this?

Here is why;

Dubai World, the Gulf state's investment firm, is to take a 10 per cent stake in MGM Mirage, the world's second-largest casino operator, to become a major player in America's biggest gambling destination
Is casino investment halal? Of course not. And the wrath of Allah has come.


Gerry Perry said...

i don't think so. u miss the reason and u have to figure it out urself yea..

Anonymous said...

i don't think so.

nooryahaya said...

normal reasoning for the sinking of Dubai.. you can read those in almost all WEstern and Arab news media. I am not going to reproduce those. those are real logic reasoning. and its true. what i write here is another perspective.