Friday, November 04, 2005

A comment from shahrir-umno

Written by Encik Kamaruddin
I tend to disagree with Encik Noor Yahya\'s argument that the local content concept is outdated. I think Encik Yahya fails to realise that most of the local assemblers and Proton are outsourcing their components manufacturing through local vendors. So the development of local vendors is very critical for motor industry to thrive. If these vendors are contented with their sub-standard quality and are incapable of improving their capability of producing good quality products then our motor industry would never be able to compete internationally in terms of pricing and costs.

I would say absolutely true, I was just being polite (being a Malay), "kata orang cakap berlapik". What I am implying is, these vendors have to improve, Proton and other car manufacturer have to improve or die. That is competition. All have to improve significantly to in terms of technology, pricing and cost. All other parts of economy has to be efficient as well. Pricing is secondary, efficiency, speed and value of money is the edge over competition.

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