Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A trip to see the sunset

I went to the mosque at 7pm, still daylight. A group of us went to the hill just above the city at Cashmere Hill to see the new moon for Shawal. We arrive at the site at 8pm, and waited for the sunset at 8.20pm. The view alone is breathtaking, worth the drive up hill. It wasnt that far from the city, less than half an hour drive. There was a viewing platform, circular made of concrete. You can see 270 degrees, from the surf of New Brighton to the Southern Alps. The sun sets slowly, when it becomes bigger at the setting point. Then we waited for the new moon to appear. No, we didnt see the new moon of Shawal.
I bear witness that we didnt see the new moon of Shawal...
I didnt bring any camera, nor binocular.

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