Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Boxer Dog

I finished work at 7am, went home and go straight to sleep. But then I was awaken by screaming Adam and Emily. My wife telling the children to shut up. I was too lazy to get up and find out what was going on.
So I went back to sleep.
Later in the day my wife told me that a Boxer dog came to our yard and panting at the children, Emily and Adam. Thats why they were screaming. The dog was just being friendly and got close to the children. Adam ran inside the house and slam the door, leaving Emily outside to face the dog.
My wife told the children to stop screaming so as not to get the dog agitated.
She went to the grandma to tell her to ring the SPCA, and a short time later the SPCA informed her that the owner of the dog has reported their lost Boxer, from Barnes Rd in Redwood.
That far! Well about a mile away.
The owner came and took away their lost dog. Yeah the dog was excited alright to see the master.
One happy ending.
And I slept away through all that.

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