Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Fire Alarm Shout "FIRE!"

It was about 0200am. 09/09/2006
The light on control panel at the office indicated there was a FIRE in the building, somewhre in the hotel or the car park. I ran outside to the fire control panel outside the building. Nope, no flashing to indicate any.
So I have to find the hard way, check every floor.
First, I check the kitchens, where fire would be most likeky. While I was at the 11th floor staffroom, the general fire alarm goes!
Now its full evacuation of the building, no less!
So I had to make way to top floor, 26th and start checking every room. 2 caucasian idiots acted as if nothing happened, standing around in their room. I had to call tell them please evacuate, there might be real fire.
Those stupid Asian tourists make way downstairs with their luggage! Hey this is fire evacuation, life is more important, not your belongings!

Up at the 24th, 25th and 26th, somebody turned the fire hydrant ON!
The fire alarm detector which was going was at the stairway on 21st.

The firemen arrived soon after. They deduced the cause of the alarm.

Some numbskull turned on the fire hydrant at 26, 25 and 24 floors, this result in water flooding the stairway. The dripping water made way down to 21st floor and wet the fire detector at the stairway, causing the alarm to go off!

We get wet carpet on the 26th floor, and frayed nerves.

Some stupid idiot hotel guest! Why would he/she turn on the fire hydrant?

Downstairs, an Asian tour group leader only care about compensation for his group's loss sleep and us not wearing the fire warden jacket! AND HE DIDNT WANT TO GO TO THE ASSEMBLY AREA!
Look! there might have been a fire, is that what you worry about?

Some people are damn selfish!

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