Saturday, July 21, 2007

someone answer me in Malaysiakini

check Malaysiakini just now and see this.
Taxing rich to pay poor is daylight robbery
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I refer to the letter Tax rich more, give money to lower-end workers.

I am taken aback by Noor Yahaya Hamzah’s opinion. I am no economist, but what is being suggested by Noor Yahaya kills an economical basic. I am not from the rich either. Imagine if the government increases individual tax and distributes the additional income to make up the ‘shortage’ in the lower income group.

If that is the case, I do not have to study or work hard enough because I need not worry about a ‘shortage’ in my income. I just need to earn RM450 and wait for another RM450 ‘bonus’ from the government every month. At a time when we are talking about and striving for a competitive edge, here is someone who believes that sitting back is a good thing.

We cannot blame or punish somebody for earning RM3,000, RM10,000 or even RM100,000 a month. You have to earn your income, not just wait for it to fall from the sky. At the end of the day, it is about your ability and productivity. The idea of letting somebody work hard and earn high enough a salary to cover those who earn less sounds like a daylight robbery.

MTUC has its own agenda in fighting for the minimal income ruling. Are we ready to pay RM900 per month for a maid? I agree that something needs to be done to narrow the income gap, but I do not see the setting of a minimal income wage across the board as an ideal solution.

There should be a thorough study of the whole situation – the low income group, the industries affected, geographical distribution and costs of basic needs. I would rather set minimal pay against qualifications and experience. This is better than every Tom, Dick and Harry enjoying minimum pay regardless of their academic background and working experience.


Miner said...

Noor Yahaya's idea is plainly stupid... showing typical TONGKAT MENTALITY of the NEP.

Help the lower income folks to improve their earning power. Don't perpetuate a dependence mentality. There is no virtue in receiving handouts, it is demeaning and destructive of human dignity and self-respect.

Sagaladoola said...

Hi nooryahaya....

I understand your good intentions. Keep it up.

I think taxing the rich to help the poor is one of the way being done in the Western world as well.

However, their government do not simply impose minimum wage on just anybody. They have standards of minimum wage for all different jobs and qualifications.

Our government should consider that.

Furthermore, in the Western World, there is always a tax rebate for every amount of penny spent on a substantial number of items.

With the tax rebate, the citizens will spend more and economy growth is faster. With more growth comes more money, and some of these money can be channeled to the poor.

Another problem would be to ensure the money and tax collected really goes to the needy.

As far as the corruption goes in Malaysia, most Malaysians are rendered not positive about this minimum wage move.

Otherwise, no matter how the taxation goes, the movement of the money will not be transparent. Some will be lost "in the air". That would be a burden to businessmen and kill the Malaysian economy.

For minimum wage and other poverty eradication efforts to commence efficiently, the first solution would be to clean up corruption.

Do you think our government is acting good on it? Well, I guess you have the answer yourself.

Think about it...

I am pro-eradication of poverty. I do believe Malays should not be left out of the development. Malays are Malaysians too...



nooryahaya said...

yes i am going to explain further, but i dont have much time in the past 2 days.

my basis argument is that everyone is equal. no matter what colour , creed, qualification and 'keturunan' whether you are from 'royal' blood or 'anak petani'.
so everyone should be given the same chance and facility.
might have time day after tomorrow.