Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You gotta buy this book/novel

Readers, read this book please.

Saripah Bakar is my sister in law, ie my brother's wife. I havent read this book. Its basically the story about their first born.
The link to my bother's blogpage is here.

"Pada semua yang berlaku dalam kehidupan kita, ada hikmat dan ujian dari Tuhan. Mungkin Tuhan mahu menguji iman dan kesabaran kita. Mungkin itulah jalan yang disediakan Tuhan untuk kita menuju ke syurga, tempat yang kita semua tujui dalam kehidupan di dunia ini."
Yes if we want to start the blame game, there are plenty of people would qualify for the guilty part in misconduct and miscarriage of duty. I live in Malaysia back when my brother had his first child. My older brother related that the doctors at Hospital Tanjong Karang at that time didnt do thing that they should do. Mt sister in law was in labour for an extended time and should have been thru caesarean to save the baby. But the doctor waited until too late. Because the birth passage was not big enough (which is common for first pregnancy and small size hip) the baby got stuck, deprived of oxygen which resulted in brain damage.
So I asked,"That is medical misconduct, the hospital/doctor should be hauled up to medical enquiry."
'You know what happen in this country, the doctors would be protecting each other and deny responsibility. In the end, as usual justice wont be done and you are wasting your time. Especially in Govt hospital, even private hospital like that too, except that chances are less because they have better system.'
Or words to that effect. I dont remember exactly, it has been about 13 years.

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