Saturday, May 10, 2008

Altantunya - main wayang in court.

Raja Petra has been released on bail from the Sg Buloh prison. And he bring out a story of being shouted at by the two accused in the murder of Altantunya, Chief Insp Azilah Hadri and Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar.


Hmmn, why do you think they shouted at Raja Petra?

In my opinion (hey, I might be wrong here) by highlighting the Altantunya case, and exploring the truth about the case, Raja Petra bring back the attention of the media and hence fellow Malaysians that a gross injustice would be passed in court. ie the two accused, Chief Insp Azilah Hadri and Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar would be found NOT GUILTY and the real person who directed them to commit murder wouldnt be exposed either.

In my view, Govt/police/Najib has shot themselves in their foot (kiasan) by charging Raja Petra with Sedition Act. Najib could have just say "I had nothing to do with it." and the case wouldnt have got that much attention. Now that the Govt has charged Raja Petra with sedition, they practically keep the spirit of BERSIH and protests alive. Public opinion certainly shifts against the Govt.

I am of the opinion that the court case is just a wayang. Keep it long enough, stretch the episodes and fill in with boring bits, people will lose interest and fall asleep. In the end they wouldnt care if the judgement is fair or not. The two accused might getaway with it on technicality or be handed down short jail sentence. As a sacrifice. And they would be compensated handsomely at a later date.
And the real culprit, the person who directed the murder would get away scot free.

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