Saturday, May 10, 2008

Please End Burmese Suffering, INVADE Myanmar NOW

Photos from BBC website.

Lets forget Raja Petra, Najib and Abdullah Badawi for a moment. What is happening in Burma, or Myanmar merit our attention. Now the military regime doesnt want foreign aid, simply because they are afraid that the foreigners would influence Burmese to start a revolution, which is possible, given the human catastrophy there.

We Asean and other countries, cannot just stand here and do nothing. We must end this Burmese military nonsense and suffering of the people.
After the killings of the monks not so long ago, its clear that the Burmese people cannot do anything.
Burmese suffering has to end now. Asean, India, USA and whatever countries that care, should INVADE Burma NOW. ANd help the victims of cyclone Nargis.


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