Thursday, May 06, 2010

Some friends keep in touch thru Blog, some friend keep in touch thru Facebook.

A few minutes ago, an old friend from the primary school days sent me a message thru facebook, asking me to delete comment sent anonymously on my blog.

He said he has been reading my blog once in a while. I knew him back in primary school, Sekolah Dato' Manan, aeons ago, in 1976. Havent been in contact nor seen him since.
My apologies to you, that those damaging comment appeared on my blog. I have since deleted them, after googling about how to delete comment.
Please do keep in contact, after all we are from the same town, same primary school, same village. Only that we havent met nor seen each other for 34 years. Facebook is a good medium for people to catch up with each other, and I regret that you also disable yours.

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