Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kang Saring aka Hj Mohd Sakuri Hj Rukimin 1963-2006

3 hours ago my sister Maslina text me to say that Kang Saring has died at Klang Hospital. 3-4 days in ICU, and thats the end him.
Later checking this blog, my brother Mohd Kholid said that he died of 'sakit jantung', heart attack. Later my sister text me saying he died of severe pneumonia and septicemic shock. Whatever that means, a bit beyond me.
It seems like a lifetime ago when we used to play together whenever we met. At my uncle's place, at grandmother's during the usual kenduris. We lived in the same village, his place just half a mile away from my parents place.
He was always a wise guy when he was young. He told me the stories of hantu and pontianak that got my bulu roma stand on my back. Funny thing, he told me one trick to ward off the pontianak and hantu, just pull up your skirt, and show off your bum. For sure pontianak and hantus would run away!
Kang Saring come from a large family, Pak Rukimin and and wife has 12? (not sure how many) children. His younger brother, Nasir, is one year younger than me. They were close from childhood until now. Even today, they are neighbours, setting up home on their parents land, next to each other.
Kang Saring married a woman from the village, I dont know how many children they have, but for sure their children are still young.
Some times my memory fails me. One puasa month years ago, when I was still working at Makro, we met. I was working that time, while he and his wife was shopping. I needed to send a ricecooker to my parent back in the village, and yes he was handy. So I just gave him the money an asked him to take it to my parent in the village. In those days he lived in Shah Alam, because his wife waas working at a factory there while he continue to work in Jeram, processing chicken. He told me back then that he commute to Tanjong Karang every weekend, to see their parents.
Thats a good son!

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polikliniksalehudin said...

i get news from a friend who work at the same place with him:he was diagnosed as having ishaemic heart disease.only God knows how many vessel blocked, but he is waiting to be operated on november at Institute Jantung Negara Kuala Lumpur.One week before, he had high grade fever,headache and myalgia.He went to see Dr Yusof at Tg Karang.He was adviced to go to hospital after the doctor find him not recuperating from the fever.On tuesday he was admitted to Tg KArang District Hospital and diagnosed as having Denggi Fever.Later that day he was transfered to Klang General Hospital.He was admitted to ICU after his condition getting worst.He passed away on friday afternoon at 2 pm