Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Terror Plot Over Atlantic" is a Bush-Blair Plot

Honestly, I do not buy the Bush-Blair announcement, nor the MI5 announcement that there was a plot to bomb up to 10 airlines over the Atlantic.
This article from Al-Jazeera says it all.
All sound like crap, a plot by Blair and Bush to justify and support Israeli murder and genocide in Lebanon.

Can Bush-Blair duet be trusted?
8/19/2006 12:10:00 PM GMT

(Reuters Photo) - Photo Anti-war protesters wear masks of Bush and Blair

So we’re supposed to believe that the British authorities foiled a terror attack, a catastrophe on the scale of September 11 attacks that hit the United States in 2001.

Exposing last week’s “terror plot” aimed at exploding aircraft leaving from Great Britain, bound for the United States, has been hailed by the majority of Western powers as a success. It confirmed the West’s committed to what many experts have explained as “the crusade against Islamist terrorism", according to an editorial on Tunis Hebdo.

Skepticism started growing shortly after news broke shocking the world about allegations of a Transatlantic “terror plot” which the police allege involved young males who have just converted to Islam, that this may yet again blow up in the faces of M16 as another false alarm!

Some analysts say that this was the British Prime Minister’s cheap way to deal with domestic pressure and the problem of unpopular support for his government’s backing of Israel’s unjustified aggression in the Lebanese territories that resulted in the death of over 1,400 innocent civilians, including hundreds of children.

This theory could be logical especially if we bear in mind the fact that Blair’s government had been facing growing pressure by the British people, urging it to intervene to stop the Israeli massacres in Lebanon during the conflict’s first few days.

But Blair chose to side with the Israelis, following the footsteps of the American President George W. Bush, allowing the carnage and plunder by Olmert’s military to continue unabated.

Many of the young British-born citizens, most of foreign ancestry who had been arrested by the British authorities in the wake of the foiled terror attack, had no criminal records, and the investigation’s initial results showed that those who were planning to carry out the attack used highly-noxious liquid explosives hidden in their hand luggage.

Now the British Muslims must face another hyped-up siege by Tony Blair’s paranoid security and intelligence agents.

But beyond the biased media reports that followed the event, which didn't fail to resuscitate the obsession with terrorism and the destruction that goes with it, the foiled attack and the developments that followed it raise a number of questions.

The event in the UK took place when the fighting between the Israelis on one hand and the Lebanese and the Palestinians on the other hand was almost at its peak. The Lebanese and the Palestinian population were being subject to the Israelis’ merciless and brutal aggression with the blessing of Bush and Blair's governments- are we supposed to believe that this was mere coincidence, the editorial asked.

British Muslims see the whole incident as a subtle attempt to distract the world attention and thus opinion from the genocide taking place in the Middle East at the hand of Israel and with the consent of the Bush and Blair’s governments.

How can one believe that at a time when Great Britain maintains its highest-possible terrorist alert, followed by a number of other capital cities, the White-House chief and the boss of 10 Downing Street have not even considered cutting their vacations?

Let's suppose that the foiled plot was the work of Muslim youths, or "Islamo Fascists," as described by the U.S. “wise” President, wouldn’t that be the expected outcome of sowing the seeds of hatred among Arabic-Muslim youth?

The U.S. President and Blair's blind "follow-my-leader" attitude, are creating terrorists instead of fighting them.

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