Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Boycott Coke.

A few days ago my sister emailed me this picture.
From the picture, I can deduce that the men were sujud, doing prayer as on jemaah formation. The style of the turban looks like they are of Balkan or Turkey origins.
But wearing 'Coke'kopiah and dress?
Technically, its okay to wear a shirt emblazoned with Coke or Pepsi or whatever brand while doing prayer. But I feel that Coke make fun of Muslims doing prayer. If the point of Coke advertising is to show that Coke is revered and accepted by all cultures, I believe that this advertisement would generate indignation among Muslims.

The meaning of Coca-Cola.

I dont drink Coke anyway. Or any other fizzy drink.
Its full of sugar, has no nutritional value and grossly overpriced. I drink water or milk any day.
Why would you buy overpriced Coke when you can buy water? Pure water if its served chilled taste good.
Another thing is that sugar is not good for you.

Abd Rahim Green lecture on Coke

On the subject of boycott, I saw this report in Malaysiakini that there is an email going around calling for boycott of Hindu restaurants in Malaysia because they sprinkled stuff on food. Or was it on their shop floor?
Wasnt the purpose of them sprinkling the stuff is to get blessing from their gods?

Let me remind my fellow Muslims to eat what is halal and avoid what is haram. And if you are not sure, its best to leave it.

Does this mean I am calling for boycott of Hindu restaurant? No.


vijai said...

Its all the fault of our education system.

those were the days when malays, indian, chinese and others will interact with each other which included friends visiting, eating and sleeping in each other homes sometimes cycling 50 kilometers to a kampong.

Today, after UPSR, the better malay students are streamlined to residential schools, then to matriculasi, university and they hardly get to know the other races and learn about their cultures and religion.

Finally, these malays will become leaders, administers in the civil service and they least care about other races.



Umar Rentaka said...

Dear Nooryahaya,
I just can't believe what a nut case you must be. That Youtube posting about Cocacola is so gross. Your peoples' mind must be so crooked to imagine such things.
By the way, Hindus, sprinkle cow urine on floor to purify it and not to get the blessings from our God. Cow urine is best for warding off evil spirits. It is also anti-septic.

nooryahaya said...

dear Vijai, ashes to ashes, dust to dust...sound like a poetry from Robert Burns.
Dear Umar Rentaka, is that what is urine about? to ward off evil spirit and anti septic? You have let the cat out of the bag. Thanks for letting us know. of course no evil or good spirit would go into a house full of piss, I wouldnt either. as for the piss being antiseptic, sure, even human piss is also antiseptic. Thanks for letting us know. I believe there is such thing as Dettol.

Umar Rentaka said...

Dear Nooryahaya,
I suggest you look up into scientific research about the anti septic properties of cowdung and urine before you open your mouth la. Da name is Dr. Bose.

nooryahaya said...

sure Doc Bose,
human piss is also antiseptic too. so does alcohol. and spirits. so is cognac.
but to us Muslims, its still najis, and cant wear them to prayer.

Umar Rentaka said...

Dear NoorYahaya,
your Quran says,
Your religion unto yours, their religion unto them.

I can also find so many faults with your religion but I don't speak of them as I'm not practicing it.. Understand? Why you want to criticize others religion?

Or, is it that you want me to list all the faults in your religion?

nooryahaya said...

Doc Bose, I am merely explaining why Muslim would not want to eat at Hindu restaurant that 'clean' their premises with such unorthodox method.
For Muslim, its not just look that matters, the spiritual side is also important.
I remember a Hindu man running a roti restaurant in my village back in the 70's. His business slowly dying, less and less people frequent his shop.
One day he invited the villagers to 'baca Yasin' at his restaurant. (We Malay Muslim believe that with Allah's grace, by 'baca Yasin', your business will get better.)
And the villagers started to fill up his restaurant again.
I am not critisizing Hindu religion or Hindu practices, BUT where such practises is contrary to Muslim belief and requirement, please let us know, dont keep us in the dark.
On this subject, I and my fellow Muslims thank YOU for telling us.