Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crowd Spilling Out After Terawih Prayer

I havent written anything for some time. A bit busy.

These are essentially the same picture, taken one after another. One with flash and the other without.
Masjid An Noor, 101 Deans Avenue,

The Imams for Terawih prayer here, tried the very best to follow the steps of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
Let me tell you the ritual here.
After Isha' prayer, Sheikh Salleh would normally give a small talk about prayer, or fasting or a small snippet of Hadith and a simple explanation. Usually about 5 minutes. Then individuals would perform sunat Isha' and then Terawih, the first lot is 2 rakaat and then 2 rakaat. The verses of Quran read during terawih prayer is usually long. I would say about 15 minutes worth, maybe less, but when you are standing and trying to concentrate, you might fall asleep standing. I did, but I didnt fall, you know just few seconds of almost asleep.. That how bad I am.

After the 4th rakaat, the Imam would sit down, and another Imam would stand and give talk about prayer. Yesterday he talked about Witr prayer. It was narrated through 'so and so', sorry I dont remember the names here, that Rasullullah used to do Witr in odd numbers, 1,3,5,7,9,11 and 13. Sometimes 3 rakaat, sometimes 7 rakaat, and sometimes 11 rakaat, so on and so forth, but never more than 13. Raullullah did said that 'dont make it like Maghrib prayer' meaning break it into 2 and 1, and not 3 rakaat before salam.

The second lot of 4 rakaat terawih prayer is usually led by Sheikh Salleh until finish with 3 rakaat Witr. The qunut is usually long.

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