Friday, September 07, 2007

Pigs Might Fly(2)

I passed through Masjid Tanah town once, back in the early 90's on the way to that beach with a few big stones. I liked seeing that old masjid, not sure if it was built from clay or not. The village environment was peaceful.
I am not sure that its peaceful now, with the 150,000 pigs making their home in the neighbourhood.
Alas the Pig Issue in Melaka hasnt calmed down, and the racial tension that comes with this issue is simmering.
The latest news from Malaysiakini website says that the land belongs to PKNM and Yayasan Melaka. One question immediately comes to my mind, who is the Govt servant that approve the land to be used for piggeries? He or she should be culled first! Just imagine that, a piggery not far from a housing area!

Where else but in Malaysia, where any issue can become political issue.
Consider this;
The pig farmers were permitted to have 48,000 pig.
How many do they keep? 150,000.
Okay, okay, these farmers might not be well educated, and we can give them the benefit of doubt. But more than 100,000 extra? Oh come on.
I believe that State Govt has the right to cull the extra number of pigs, down to 48000. Because the farmers cant count, so let the State Govt count for them.

It has become such a big issue in Malaysiakini because the pigs worth a lot of money to the farmers. I do not know why other newspapers hasnt devote much space into this. Too sensitive? Racially charged?

Well, at the end of the day, the planned culling was stopped, to the relief of the enforcement officers who has the unenvieable task to killing the pigs. That was common sense. After all, who want to do it in the first place. You would have recurring nighmares for the years to come.

I concur with KTemoc, its iether the nearby residents move away from the piggery vicinity or the piggery move away from the village where people lives.

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