Monday, October 29, 2007

Which Hospital Do These Surgeries?

This report is all over TV and main media news in New Zealand. Its even on Campbell Live. Its just amazing that this story doesnt get the mention at all in Malaysia's mainstream media like Malaysiakini or Berita Harian.
Not good for the country's image?
Woman dies after cosmetic surgery
A Wellington woman is dead after travelling to Malaysia for cosmetic

The Sunday Star Times today reported the 42-year-old woman travelled
to Kuala Lumpur in June for a lapband operation through Australian
company Gorgeous Getaways, which sells cosmetic surgery tours.

The surgery involves silicone band being placed around the upper
stomach to make patients feel fuller and therefore eat less.

The woman apparently had the surgery, then went to a resort on
Kuantan island to recuperate. She collapsed and died at the resort.

The woman died of hypoglaecemia, according to a pathology report,
the newspaper said.

Her family wanted a New Zealand coroner to look into the case but
had been constrained by a lack of documentation.

Gorgeous Getaways director Louise Cogan said the company was not
responsible for the woman's sad and unfortunate death; the surgeon
used had excellent qualifications and the resort the woman went to
was not organised by the company.

The company had since stopped offering lapband surgery but still
offered others such as liposuction.

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