Wednesday, October 10, 2007

January 83 a long long time ago.

My apologies, the past month has been hectic. Its Ramadan, so I have to include terawih prayer as much as possible into my schedule. That in addition to my usual routine...of work and sleep and what have you.
Normally my day started around 2pm in the afternoon. Thats when I wake up, except on Fridays when my wife would wake me up around noon for me to get ready for Friday prayer. First thing would be the internet, I would check my listings on Trademe, what is sold, email payment instructions and get their address for postings. Then ordering the cdroms from my supplier and packaging the stuff that I have sold in the garage.
Next chore would be the post office, before it closes at 5.30pm. I would normally fit in shopping for food and a brief visit to the secondhand computer parts shop, Computer Broker and Molten Media, picking up bargains if I can find any.
I would also leave the computer on in the garage for burning Linux operating systems if I have any order on those. Then shower, and get ready for Iftar and go to masjid for terawih after that.
See I dont have much time to do anything else. Terawih takes about 1.5 hours at the masjid. The Imam here do 8 rakaat, but the verses are long, as in my previous posting, but I like it.
By 10pm, whether the terawih is finished or not, I have to go to work.

Psst, I am writing this at work..
Yeah I work nights, from 1030pm or 1045pm till 6.45am, 7 days a week. Two places, 5 nights at one place and 2 nights at another. Occassionally I take annual leave from one of my jobs. In New Zealand, annual leave is 4 weeks every year, about 8% of gross wages pro rata.

That picture above?

Zamri email me saying he posted this old pic from the days we were in Wellington back when we first arrive in New Zealand. It was January 1983. Maybe around 20th. That was in front of Old Parliament Building, facing Princess Street.
Heck I dont know which one was me... was I there?

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