Friday, September 05, 2008

Sunday 31 August, yes a belated account.

Yes its just like any other day. except few things that happen.

1. I still remember 31 August as the Merdeka Day. Except that I havent involved or get involved with Merdeka celebration for years.

2. The day before, 30 August, my wife drove to town on some errand. she hit another car from behind. The woman driver of the other car was pregnant, she had to be taken to hospital for check up. Its not my fault, she said. Ot was the car in front of the one she hit that stopped suddenly. The car she hit managed to stop in time, but my wife didnt. Our car was badly damaged at the front bonnet. Water leaking from radiator, all over the road.
I was cycling to Riccarton that day. And that is the start of getting fit regime, now I have to cycle everywhere, rain or shine, day or night. Coz I dont have car anymore.

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