Sunday, September 21, 2008

PM, Dissolve Parliament and Call for Fresh Mandate

To write it bluntly, the current political situation in Malaysia is untenable. Pakatan Rakyat is making progress day by day since March 8. 08/03/08. (what so magic about number 8 that PM chose March 8 as the day of election, defies logic. Surprise, Helen Clark of NZ also chooses 8, ie 8 November 2008 as NZ Election day, no i dont believe in the luck of number 8).

Not just making inroad in 5 states in Semenanjung, Anwar also making progress by making it to Parliament, 2 other BN seats in Perlis and Sabah is also lost.

With this threat of defections by BN lawmakers into Pakatan Rakyat fold, if it comes to fruition will spell bad for BN.

PM Abdullah shouldnt give up so easily, he should face the threat and throw the last dice. What I mean is, call for fresh mandate for the Parliament. Yes fresh election.
That would end this long uncertainty, and at the same time, neutralise Anwar Ibrahim's bluff, if it was a bluff. Let rakyat choose, because this is the Government that serve the rakyat.

Pakatan's campaign to unseat the PM Abdullah Badawi is relentless. As long as Pakatan is strong and appear to be victimised, this current situation wouldnt end.

PM's Cabinet make it worse by arresting bloggers and opposition leader. Now these leaders and bloggers have bigger stature, ie become folk heroes. Arresting them under ISA is a bad call.

PM Abdullah Badawi, for the sake of our Malaysia, lets just put an end of these bickering. Call for fresh mandate, then whoever win the election, shall govern with a clear mandate.

Seeing reports of political uncertainty in Malaysiakini makes investors think twice before coming to Malaysia.

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