Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In Memory of My Father: Hamzah Kusni 1933-2008

Monday 22nd December 2008. About 3pm Malaysian time. Allah called him, and he is no longer with us.
It was about 8.30pm NZ time. I had a call on my cellphone from Maslina, my sister cried on the phone and told me that my dad is no longer with us. Took me a few minutes for the words to sink in..
Few minutes later Maslina rang again and told me what happened. My father had been sick again, (his heart has been giving him trouble for the past few years)and my family was going to take him to the hospital. But his time had come.

One thing I regret, is that I didnt have the chance to see him.

Last Raya, I rang my parent, and I managed to speak to everyone, especially my parent. My father was chirpy enough, his voice was clear and he asked me when I would come back home. I told him that I was saving money to come home during Raya Haji. We were planning to buy a 'lembu' for korban, and father asked me to include my stillborn sister's name in the korban. I said, yes dad.
I sort of know that I had to come home then. I started looking for airfare prices on the internet. Yes I needed to save around NZD2000+ just for the return airfare, it is peak season in December.
Needless to say, come Raya Haji, I didnt make it. At least the korban that we planned was done. A couple of days after Raya Haji, my father was admitted to hospital again, his heart giving him problem, not pumping blood properly and legs, hands and most part of his body get bloated.
I knew I had to come home, and that was less than a fortnight ago. I still didnt have enough.
Now its too late.
I hadnt been back since May 2004.

Today I managed to secure a seat on on the 30 Dec from Christchurch to Gold Coast (Coolangatta), and then on to KL on the next day. Thanks to Nadzri and Wahidah who gave me the money. I am most grateful.

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