Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apparently 2nd hand cars in Japan are Cheap.

this IS NOT mine, just someone's car on the parking lot at Elmwood village.

no I didnt get permission from the owner to publish the picture of his Hummer either.

I like this big truck, recreational 4WD.
Its big and menacing, enough to threaten other road users to give way to YOU if you drive one of these. I assume you can masuk kebun in kampung with ease, not to worry about getting stuck in the mud.

I was showing this picture to a friend, Joyce aka Jasmine, a Maori who used to live in Singapore Woodlands camp with her NZ Army partner, at Kak Julie's place the other day.
"My partner was offered 2 of those from Japan last month" she said.
"Wow, that would be good to drive, and show off around town" I said.
Her partner import cars from Japan, fix them and then sell them off on The trick is to buy the ones a bit damaged, because the damaged ones will be cheap. Body damage can be fixed at auto body shop, repainted.

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Poliklinik Salehudin said...

i heard it is old story to say 2nd hand car in japan is cheap.they say they will dispose the car if already 3 yrs old.thats why we can see alot of recond car from japan in malaysia. Recond car get special interest rate from the banker.If you import a dismentled car [honda]from japan as 'parts',and reattached,it will cost around 3k only.The problem is the goverment won't allow you to do that,because it will kill the business.