Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Virus Attack and Fraudulent Charges on Credit Card

At first I thought it was just a virus attack, and think nothing much about it.

It happened on my spare computer in the garage, yesterday, it doesnt want to be turned on. It goes as far as Windows page, then it turned itself off. So I formatted the hard drive and reinstall OS.
Nothing happened right?

Yesterday I also notice a malicious program on my camera. Yes, my digital camera, because it has SDcard in it. I found a file called Romantic. so I delete it, but it came back.

This morning when I was checking my credit card statement online, there a chrge that i do not know.

27/04/2009 KLC SOFTWARE* WWW.ESLR8.com EU16.95 = $38.95

Checking both website, ie by checking google for KLC SOFTWARE and http://www.eslr8.com/ I found out the KLC software is download software website and www.eslr8.com is a payment processor website.

So what happened was that the virus was collecting my credit card detail, and the perpertrator then used my credit card detail to order stuff from klc website.

Just finished filling the dispute form with my bank.

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