Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Japanese that loves Nasi Lemak

this picture was taken some time back. I think it was just a couple of week after Prof Wan Hamidon of UKM visit to Canterbury University.

We dont normally have good quality ikan bilis (the type that you make nasi lemak with, small in size and expensive variety) over here. So one day Iskandar Ngah emailed me that his friend from UKM is coming. I said, yeah okay, I would be honoured to show him around. This fellow is a professor from UKM, and he asked me in his email, do I need anything here..
Now that is like asking a kid if he likes some icecream..

"Some ikan bilis would be nice, the one that you make nasi lemak with." I said.

Thank you Prof Wan Hamidon for the ikan bilis.

These two Japanese, Yoshi and Eriko are Kak Julie's boarder. They love nasi lemak.
Me and Bang Kamisan enjoy Kak Julie's nasi lemak.

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