Monday, May 04, 2009

Tale from Swine Virus...quarantine

What happen in case of suspected or person at one stage sat close to swine flu suspect? Here is an example of steps taken for quarantine.
Big cities has commandeered some hotel as the place to quarantine suspected cases. So travellers will be directed to go to these hotels..

Hello all,

At 1815 this evening (Sunday May 3), Mr. ##$$$$%%^^ walked into the hotel. Mr. $%^&^&** is a regular guest, and is the GM of $%^^&&&* in #$%^&&*&*.

Mr. $%^^&&&* returned to New Zealand yesterday on a flight from North America, and was seated 2 rows away from another passenger who is showing symptoms of influenza. Mr. %$%^^&& was driving into Christchurch this evening when he was contacted by the Canterbury District Health Board Community and Public Health Services, and advised that he is being placed in quarantine.

His mandatory quarantine period finishes at 5am on Tuesday morning.

It is highly unlikely that he is unwell, Mr. %^&^&** has not shown any symptoms, and his quarantine is strictly a precaution. It is his choice to stay with us (rather than at the %^&^&** where they were going to put him). He is staying two nights and checking out Tuesday morning. He will settle his own account.

For our protection, CDHB Community and Public Health Services have asked us to do the following:


No staff are to enter his room until the CDHB have advised us that it is OK (will likely be early Tuesday morning). Mr. $%^&^& will leave his Privacy sign out to signal this.
Mr. %^&&**( is allowed to leave his room and will, there is no risk in open areas if he stays as least one meter away from others.

Food and beverage

He will have all his meals room service, the meals are to be taken to the room (knock on the door) and left on the ground outside the door. Mr. %%^^&&* does not need to sign the docket, this is to avoid handling possibly infected items.
We have taken cutlery to his room which he is to retain for the duration of his stay. He has some dishwash liquid and will wash his cutlery himself.
Dishes from his meals will be placed outside his room and he will contact ^&^&&**(((). Any handling of his dishes by our staff is to be done with gloves on, and the dishes are to go straight into the dishwasher and washed as normal. He has said he may wash his own dishes and retain them in his room until Tuesday.
No staff are to enter the room until we are given the all-clear by the CDHB.


His room is not to be serviced on Monday Apr 4, and he is not to receive turndown.
Mr. %^&^&** will call reception if he needs extra towels, otherwise he does not require anything from housekeeping until he departs.
We have taken some general purpose cleaner for him to clean his bathroom with if necessary.
No staff are to enter the room until we are given the all-clear by the CDHB.

CDHB will advise us in the extremely unlikely event that Mr. %^^&** is infected with Influenza H1N1, in which case they will also advise full procedure for handling the room, and it will need to be disinfected by an outside contractor at their cost.

If there are any circumstance that requires our staff to enter the room in the meantime (there shouldn’t be), any soiled linen and rubbish from the room needs to be handled with rubber gloves, and staff working in the room will need to wear face masks.

Mr. %^&^&** is fully aware of all of the above, and is a little embarrassed at his predicament. He keeps saying he doesn’t want to be any trouble, and will help us in any way he can!

I have blocked the room as held over on Tuesday just in case!

-------is Manager of Public & Community Health at the Canterbury District Health Board, and he telephoned and gave me the above details. ---------is a Health Promoter P&CH at CDHB, and visited Mr. $%^&^&&* to deliver a course of Tamiflu and some hand sanitizer.

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