Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 Mei 2009 Political Crisis in Perak; 13 Mei 1969 Political Crisis in Selangor

Nah, I am not drawing comparison, because those 2 dates are incomparable.

So far 13 Mei 2009, its only start of the day. Nothing happened yet. Its only start of the day.

Events leading to this day:

Pakatan Rakyat, a loose coalition of Opposition Parties managed to pull a surprise in March 2008, by getting more seats than BN, thus forming a coalition Govt in Perak.

February 2009, 3 ADUNs left Pakatan Rakyat and joined BN, each allegedly rewarded handsomely, rumour says up to RM25 million.

The Sultan of Perak invited Zambry Abd Kadir the leader of opposition from BN to form a Government, but Nizar Jamaluddin, the Pakatan MB hasnt resigned nor forced from his position through formal vote of confidence. His appeal to the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly felt on deaf ears. He seeked redress through court.

7 May 2009, In a State Assembly sitting, all hell broke loose, BN brought in police and use strong arm tactics to take out the Speaker, a spectacle never seen before in civilised world.

11 May 2009, Federal Court ruled that Nizar Jamaluddin as the rightful MB of Perak. Thus declaring Zambry Abd Kadir as illegal usurper for the position of MB.
12 May 2009, Zambry Abd Kadir managed get a stay pending appeal to the decision at the Court of Appeal. Leaving the politics of Perak to continue in limbo.

13 Mei 1969

10 Mei 1969, Opposition parties won big in Selangor, Penang and Perak in a Peninsula wide election. Opposition were poised to form State Govt in those states.


There is a parallel in these two situations....

Its about naked power. Its about the Malay rule. For some people, I mean a section of the Malays community, they are not ready to be ruled by the Chinese Malaysian, or Indian Malaysian. And they would NOT accept that Nizar Jamaluddin, even though he is a Malay Muslim. Some Malay Muslim still think that DAP Chinese are the power behind Nizar Jamaluddin, "memerintah sebagai boneka".

Lets accept that the situation in Perak is very fragile now. BN, as asserted by PM Najib, would NOT hold statewide election, because they know BN will lose.
Hence the dogged effort to prolong the crisis, to stay in power by all means.

What if the Court of Appeal rule in favour of Zambry? Then the fiasco/crisis would die down until the next Malaysiawide election PRU13.

What if the Court of Appeal rule in favour of Nizar? If BN give up, Nizar would ask the Sultan to dissolve the Assembly, hold statewide election, and Pakatan would more than likely win bigger majority, given current sentiment.
This is what BN DO NOT WANT. A bigger majority for opposition would have a snowball effect.
BN could ask the Sultan to suspend the Assembly and impose Emergency Rule for the State of Perak, on the pretext of 'huru hara' in the state...

In My Humble Opinion, Pakatan Rakyat would be better off lose this state, Perak, and keep the momentum going in garnering the support of the people if the Court of Appeal rule in favour of Zambry. Let Zambry rule, let the hatred of Malaysians, Perakians especially accumulated and snowball, to materialised into Pakatan winning more seats, and the Govt hopefully in the next PRU13.
Losing the battle doesnt mean losing the WAR.

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