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Forgotten Cash: Did You Left Behind some Money in NZ?

Inland Revenue Dept NZ has been collecting unclaimed money forwarded by banks and employers all over New Zealand.
If you have been living in NZ at some stage after 1973, and left behind some money, and by luck your name appear HERE, you can claim your money.

A quick check reveal some Malay names like:

Haji Mohd Yusof, Abdul Ghani Bin $506.36
Abdul Hamid, E M $642.65
Mohamed, N S $194.55

Of course, there are hundreds of Chinese names.
Check it out, you might left behind some fortune.

story courtesy The Press.
Forgotten cash owed to 84,000 Kiwis

Tens of thousands of New Zealanders could be in line for a windfall from a $51 million Inland Revenue stash.

A government register of unclaimed money reveals thousands of Kiwis are owed a total of $51m. The unclaimed amounts range from $100 to $252,135.

The money consists of unclaimed funds from wills, insurance claims and uncollected pay packets and is handed to Inland Revenue after it has remained untouched for six years.

The department has records of 84,000 New Zealanders owed a total of $51m dating back to 1973.

An online record of 15,200 recent unclaimed amounts, worth a total of $14.4m, has been published by Inland Revenue.

The register allows people to search for their name and find out if they are entitled to money.

Inland Revenue group manager for customer operations, Heather Daly, said the unclaimed money could help people during the recession.

"In these times, if we can get the money to people it would help," she said.

Money is claimed by hundreds of people every year. Last year, 760 people made claims totalling $1.6m.

The Christchurch managing partner for accounting firm KPMG, Paul Kiesanowski, said it was unusual for money to stay unclaimed.

"It is extremely rare. The money obviously builds up over time. It is amazing how much can end up in there.

"It is rare that someone can't be traced," he said.

Accountants went to great lengths to find people owed money, including searching electoral rolls, tracing addresses and placing notices in newspapers, he said.

The Unclaimed Moneys Act 1971 requires that funds left untouched for more than six years are paid to Inland Revenue.

The money is transferred to a Treasury account, which does not earn interest, and claims are administered by Inland Revenue. The financial institute that held the money for six years is required under law to make every effort to find the owner before it is transferred.

The unclaimed money has nothing to do with tax refunds.

To see if your name is on the list, see

To claim money email or write to Unclaimed Money, Inland Revenue, PO Box 38222, Wellington Mail Centre.


Konami owed $252,135. IPDS Ltd Trust $119,603. Kenneth Alexander Kliendienst $46,000. Gerrard Trust $30,974. G Norris $26,630.

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