Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anwar is accused of Sodomy again!

News across online media is hot with this new accusation. Read it in Malaysiakini HERE, HERE and HERE. I notice it less than an hour ago through Fudzail's blogpage.

Think about it. It doesnt matter now whether Anwar did IT or not. This accusation is enough to do some damage to the strength of Pakatan Rakyat, and Anwar's name. Truth doesnt matter, but it will buy time for Barisan Nasional and UMNO to regroup and buy favours as well as whip the errant MPs into line.

Few days ago Yong Teck Lee led the blind charge to unseat AB, and it didnt materialise. AB still in power. Now is the time to strike back. They have strike back at Yong Teck Lee by making public the Sabah Land fiasco and implicating Yong Teck Lee. Yong Teck Lee is finished if Anwar could manage to get enough quorum to unseat the govt soon. Now its time to strike at Anwar.

What I can see is that Anwars team in PKR comprise of mostly the young turks. Well this could be an advantage, their clean image and enthusiasm and ideals. But the disadvantage is their inexperience. The young normally wouldnt be able to stand pressure and temptation. I am not levelling anything at these young idealists, but they should be tempered with experienced older generations.

Now lets examine the background of this same accusation of sodomy against Anwar. Malays are religious people. Anything that is forbidden is not tolerated in Malay society. Sex outside marriage is forbidden. Homosexuality is worse than forbidden, so sodomy and homosexuality is some degree above sex outside marriage (zina). In Islam the punishment for sodomy is heavier than zina. So its make sense to accuse someone of committing sodomy to kill his political career. Its doesnt matter its true or not. Its enough to kill Anwar political career. Now look at the Malay politicians who has been accused of zina, sex with underaged girls, running off with palace princess and sex with prostitutes. They may be put in cold storage for a short while, but they could always come back.

Looks like someone learnt a lot from Robert Mugabe, and apply it the Malaysian way.

An Ulama told me that in the Day of Judgement, there is a group of people that Rasullullah call the bankrupt. 'Why Rasullullah?' A companion asked. 'Because in this world he did good deeds and prayers etc. But these people did a lot of dosa to other people, like aniaya orang, mengumpat etc. So in the Day of Judgement, he has to pay back his dosa to other people in the form of his good deeds and amal ibadah, until nothing left. Worse, when there is nothing left to pay for his dosa, he has to take on other people's dosa. And he end up in the Hellfire. Thats why Rasullullah call the the bankrupt.

Kata Uztadz, "sampai apek Cina boleh kata, " Aiyah Haji, lu dulu manya alim masa di dunia, gua bukam Islam lagi lo. Apa pasal Haji duduk neraka lagi bawah dari saya?"

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