Sunday, June 29, 2008

Elangesvaran Issue: In Islam, He Belongs to Jahannam (Hell)

Just read this piece on the BBC earlier. So I checked on Malaysiakini, apparently it was a few days ago. It was reported HERE in Malaysiakini.
The story was also highlighted by another blogger, Poobalan.

When I was a kid, about 6-7 years old, there was one hot gossip in the village about a man who hanged himself from a jackfruit tree near his house. He was successful in his suicide attempt. He died. So the story goes that a few days before he committed suicide, he met everybody he knew and of some importance to him, and said goodbyes of some sort. The story also goes that his face was blackened when he was dead. And the villagers just bury him like a dead animal, ie without performing jenazah prayer for him. There was also a story the jackfruit tree turn smelly "langu". He was yelling help at the last minute, when he was hanging and couldnt extricate himself out.

Later on his family chopped down that jackfruit tree.

It is without doubt that suicide is forbidden in Islam. Those who commit suicide belong to Jahannam (Hell).

During the time of Rasullullah SAW, there was also cases of suicide. One time Rasullullah was with one companion, before the war of Hunain (if I am not mistaken, pls correct me), Rasullullah was pointing to a warrior who was brave and a good fighter, saying this man is ahl Jahannam, or something like that. The companion asked, "why Rasulllullah, he is a brave warrior and fight bravely." "Because he will receive injury and he couldnt bear it and killed himself."

My apologies, my wording is not right. But its something like that, that I remember.

So I do not know why there is a fight over the body of Hindu man who committed suicide, on the slim possibility and slim evidence of a piece of paper saying he is a Muslim, allegedly that he written himself.

Even if he professed to be Muslim, by committing suicide, he is not anymore.

Read the story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Now whos fault is this then this situation has risen? Hindhus have their own ways of interpretaion etc for people who die. Muslims have their own.So be it. At least as a Hindu he will not be thought or considered to be in Jahanam as u put it as the Hindu's way of 'suffering ' is a lot different than Muslim's.Why not give his DEAD body to his family? Why is that the Muslim authority is so eager to claim bodies of the dead with very little evidence. If a Christiens converts theye is anouncements made and its a big huh hah.After all it is succh an important thing when a person chooses the way he wants to lead his life.
Is not not essential that the closest relatives like the parents should be told or informed by the so called authorities if not the person himself. What garbage rules these authorities have. So far so many cases got away with the body snatching. Is it not 'polluting' the Muslim cemetary by burying the lowly non muslims???
Thank God the church does not claim his body.....