Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Asyura is celebrated in my village for generations

picture from Faisal Tehrani.

I am writing this after reading Mufti Perlis Dr Asri's charge that Faisal Musa aka Faisal Tehrani 'berfahaman Syiah' as published in Malaysiakini.


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Let us be clear that just because the man put a name of a city in Iran behind his name doesnt mean that he is Syiah.

Celebrating Asyura by eating 'bubur Asyura' doesnt make you a Syiah.

When I was a kid, the masjid in my village in Tanjong Karang celebrated Asyura every year, by, what else, eating Bubur Asyura together at the masjid. Afterwards the would be lecture from an invited ustadz on history or sirah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
I was also told that Asyura is also to remember the history of Prophet Nuh Alaihissalam. On the last days of the time when Prophet Nuh in the ship, there wasnt much food left, only a bit of this and a bit of that. So Nabi Nuh told his people to combine all the food that is available and cook them together into a porridge, hence Bubur Asyura.

One year there was a small group of Pakistani traders whom the masjid committee let them stay at the masjid. They asked, what celebration is this? Asyura, said Pak Imam Ahmad, as I remember. The Pakistani traders left the majlis and goes to sleep in their quarters behind the masjid.

You are not going to say that my villagers are Syiah are you?

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