Friday, August 08, 2008

Anwar Charged: But Who Benefit (politically)?

Malaysian politics is in flux. The Govt is not stable since the March 8 election. Bn political fortune is at the lowest ebb ever. Anything that represent UMNO and BN is not popular with the people.
After March 8 election, Pakatan political clout was highest, Anwar political fortune and influence was high. But then he kept on talking about forming a Govt before Sept 16. Over and over again. I got fed up hearing it. People got fed up. Promises promises, so where is the promised crossover?
I believe that just before this sodomy allegation come out, his political fortune started to wane already.
Najib and Abdullah Badawi had their popularity slumped to the lowest ever. Yes Muhyiddin's political clout increased, and he is coming up like a dark horse. He has already indicated that he is interested in the top job. By not talking much and doesnt make any statement about Anwar's case, he would be seen and Mr Clean, well cleaner than the others. It would be a case of last man standing I suppose. Tengku Razaleigh also benefit in the popularity, and if he can garner enough nomination in the next UMNO AGM, that would be good for him, he might have a chance to get the top job.

BUT who benefit most?

In my opinion, none other than Anwar himself. With this Permatang Pauh by-election, he succeeded in turning the table on his nemesis. When you look at it, it is a shrewd move. The road to Parliament is clear for him, barring Allah's will between now and the polling day. You dont expect him to make silly mistakes like not signing nomination form do you?

There is still something niggling in my mind.. WHAT IF Anwar was the the one who engineered all this himself? WHAT IF Saiful Bukhari Azlan and Anwar planned all this? Now its clear that Saiful was not sodomised, nor engaged in "that" act? Truth come out sooner or later. And the truth has come out easier than we might think, given that normally medical report is "Private and Confidential".


joe said...

salam bro

wat bout Ezam or KJ, the link between KJ..ezam ..anwar....

nooryahaya said...

salam joe,
notice that KJ is quiet as mouse, no words coming out. Ezam ni pulak macam hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong2, nak tanding Permatang Pauh. I believe Ezam and KJ political star is dead already. KJ knows it, thats why he is quiet, which is wise.
anyway that is only my opinion. not worth anything.