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The Schemes of Things - one small possibility

I read with interest the article below written by one Dato' Man, in malaysia-today mirror website. True. I agree with what Dato' Man wrote.
Let me reproduce the article below.
Today on the way back from Oamaru visiting Pak Tam, I discussed the latest event with my friend.
He came up with this theory, that the grand scheme of things is to make Malaysia 'huru hara'. And to make a 'huru hara', you have to build up to the situation, you have to whip up the people sentiment. The 'liwat' 2nd edition, BN losing Permatang Pauh, Anwar comeback, petrol price increase, are all part of the grand scheme.
"Did you notice that the situation is getting worse by the day?" he asked, "Yes true".
At the moment all UMNO people and their cronies has all taken out their monies and park them overseas. "Did you realise why Maybank bought an Indonesian bank?"
"That is to transfer wealth." I concur. The sharemarket has been losing value since last year, or long before that. They are taking their money out, as fast as they can without people realising it. Now life in Malaysia is very difficult, all business has been bolot by UMNO and their cronies. No one else has any chance. They wrote ridiculous contracts that enrich themselves, and make the rakyat pay for generations to come.
Pak Lah as PM doesnt really care, as good as useless, he let his SIL run the Govt. Then Najib is not good either. When Anwar come into Parliament, he will question a lot of things, make peace to DAP, Hindraf and let them 'besar kepala'. Unlike America, our race relation is very fragile. As long as the Indians and Chinese doesnt question about the place of Islam in the Constitution of the country, and the place of the bumiputras in the country, all will go well. But that is the flash point. The minute they besar kepala...the Malays will revolt. Then the economy will start going down the drain. Money and investment will flow out. Unemployment will be higher, harga barang mahal. Susah cari kerja. Susah buat bisnes.
Bila rakyat susah, tak ada kerja, rakyat akan bangkit, revolt.
The country will become huru hara.
So then, Agong will declare emergency and take over. Askar Melayu Diraja will take control of the situation and Agong and the Governors will take over. They will then fire the cabinet and appoint new cabinet. Malaysia will be ruled by monarchy. There will not be any more democracy. LIKE BRUNEI!

What do you think? Too far fetched?

No more looting by UMNO!

BN has lost the plot completely (malaysia Today)
Thursday, August 28, 2008 3:45 PM

By Dato' Man

This morning, Wednesday, 27 August 2008, I received an SMS saying this : "TMNet blocking MT. Need to get in via mt.harapanmalaysia. com". So I had to type it in to access MT. If true it simply shows that the BN is becoming more brain dead than before. They are beginning to behave erratically in panic, clutching at straws.
Well as expected the BN has lost the watershed Permatang Pauh by elections. Anwar Ibrahim has increased the majority to over 15,000 votes.

But not everyone in the BN is panicking. Another friend called, someone very close to the Government. He said that he was just with the Prime Minister this morning and he said that the PM was calm and relaxed and totally unworried about their loss in Permatang Pauh. This is exactly the problem with the BN (among a thousand other problems of course).

The PM totally does not care about what is going on around him. After losing five States and the 2/3 majority he actually said, 'We have won big'. Now he couldn't be bothered after losing Permatang Pauh.

The BN does not realise that they have stopped caring for the people, from a long time ago. And the people know this and they are fed up with the BN. Like a married couple on the verge of permanently breaking up, every single thing the BN does now is an irritant to the people. Every single pronouncement they make, every single Press statement they make, every single public appearance of the BN's leaders only elicits the peoples' anger. The amount of disgust and hate for the BN is simply unbelievable.

And the BN is relentless in whipping up the peoples' hatred towards themselves. The Saiful Bukhari swearing at the mosque (with his father sitting beside him) was totally disgusting. The BN has shown the world that they (or at least Saiful and his father) have no sense of decency. Tak ada malu langsung. To go to a mosque and declare publicly that 'my arse has been penetrated by so and so's penis'.

But the BN is still relentless. Then came the revelation that the Menteri Besar of Pahang, who by the way is an UMNO man, is leading a consortium that has bid RM18.0 BILLION to string up a WiFi system in the Klang Valley. And they were trying to undercut an earlier bid by TMNet for RM11.3 BILLION. RM18 BILLION? RM13 BILLION? Menteri Besar of Pahang? Wow! There is no slowing down.

The same Government friend who called said it is no more stealing or thievery. Now it is just wholesale looting.

Yesterday they tried ramming the DNA Bill through Parliament. These jokers are real bummers at choosing the timing. Everyone knows that the DNA Bill is designed to force Anwar Ibrahim to provide his DNA sample, again for the Saiful Bukhari liwat allegations. But the people simply do not care anymore about who liwats whom. They know this is a political persecution.

The Government will get the DNA Bill passed, they will get Anwar's DNA sample and they will prosecute Anwar for sodomy in Court. It is also likely that they will find him guilty and jail him again. But the BN will then lose the election. Even if Anwar is not convicted the BN will still lose the election. No one cares anymore about what Anwar did or did not do. People just hate the BN more.

Every single thing the BN does now simply irritates the people more and more. This morning they shut down the roads around KL for the Merdeka Parade rehearsals, causing massive traffic jams. Everyone was cursing the Government again. Why cant they have the Merdeka Parade somewhere far away like in Putrajaya? Isnt it enough that we have to pay high petrol prices and suffer traffic jams? Do you have to make things worse by closing the roads too? No one is even flying the flag anymore. People just dont feel happy anymore. There is no 'Merdeka' mood. Zero.

Before the Permatang Pauh by election, the Police set up roadblocks on the N-S Highway leading north. But they were not real roadblocks. They simply closed one lane and forced the traffic to squeeze through the remaining lane. This caused massive jams on the N-S Highway leading north. Why piss the people off for no good reason? What are you trying to prove? That you are stupid?

This alone is sufficient to sink the BN permanently. But there are other things for the BN to consider seriously. The majority of the Malays are just not buying anymore of the 'ketuanan Melayu' and 'hak orang Melayu' issues. These are dinosaurs from UMNO's Jurassic Park. The Malays are not worried about these issues anymore, maybe because there are now a larger majority of Malays and no Malay really believes that they will lose their political power.

But everyone is completely fed up with the non performing PM, his family, the Altantuya case, the DPM's wife, the Government's arrogance and high handedness, the massive corruption that is going on unabated, the poor economy, the looting by members of the Cabinet, the persecution of the bloggers and anyone who goes against the Government, the lack of direction for the country, the poor economic prospects for the Malays and on and on. People want a complete change.

If the BN had any smarts at all they would change the whole team. As one UMNO member said the whole UMNO Supreme Council must resign. The PM and his whole Cabinet should resign and just go away. The entire BN leadership must resign and go away. A completely new team must take over.

The Permatang Pauh by election saw the BN spending tens of Millions of Ringgit. The BN never expected to win but they seriously wanted to decrease the PK's majority. Despite all that money and Nagib's almost daily presence the BN lost big again. The writing is clearly on the wall. Things will not get better for the BN anymore.

When the sodomy trial starts, it will only get murkier. Assuming the trial drags for a couple of years the people will only get more angry. If the trial is quick and Anwar is found guilty people will get angry too. If Anwar is acquitted the people will get even more angry. Either way the BN is screwed. We are actually witnessing the last throes of the BN's grip on power.

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

When the political game is up and they can't keep up
Then it's advisable that they take a break and step down
Especially when all the truths are no longer in their cup
It's best that they retire and give up their home-made crowns

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Fri. 29th Aug. 2008.