Friday, August 29, 2008

Anwar is bragging, says Taib

Maybe its true, may be the threat of defection on Sept 16 is real.

We should ask question why Taib said that in Malaysiakini. Because he is under threat. He feel threatened. His kingdom of Kenyalang is under threat.
Anwar is a real threat to Taib. If we all know how much Taib and Musa Aman spent at Permatang Pauh, we would geleng kepala until cabut. Does anyone notice Jeanne slips into Sarawak lately? And why did that fellow Michael Something got caught in Hong Kong carrying bagful of cash? Yes because they need the cash badly in Permatang Pauh.

You see, UMNO didnt expect Kak Wan to vacate her seat so suddenly. Instead everyone was gunning for Zulkifli Noordin's seat. Kak Wan take them by surprise. To get the money in place takes a lot of logistics. First, the contributors has to be canvassed first. These contributors wont cough up anything without being patted on their back. Lucrative contracts has to be allocated and promised. Then these contributors has to raise some cash, ie sell their shares in public companies in Malaysia and overseas. You know well that selling shares in bear market is not easy nor profitable.

Lucky for Najib and Pak Lah Taib come into the picture. Looks like Taib disappointed that his investment turned sour. Yes he paid for Sulaiman's Federal position dearly.

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