Monday, February 16, 2009

Elizabeth Wong Nude Photos - A new Era of Dirty Politics

Only in Malaysia.
This is being Malaysians, we have this double standard morality. We expect everyone to toe the line, be morally upright and such. But when sometimes when these immoral acts befalls ourselves or our families, we hushed it up. No one knows and we are in denial, even to the point of denying and making excuse.

We are all human, we make mistake. Only that some mistake are bigger than others.

True, there are two standards of morality, one for the Muslims, and another set for the NonMuslims. The standard of behaviour and morality for Muslim should not be applied to NonMuslim. Period.

As such I am not concerned or consterned with what is happening to Elizabeth Wong MP for Bukit Lanjan
as I was disturbed and consterned with 2 Perak former PKR MPs who joined BN. Even Former Health Minister Chua Soi Lek, I was not worried.
Elizabeth Wong and Chua Soi Lek are normal human being. They are entitled to their own privacy and pursuit of happiness and whatever. Sex among other things, if that make someone happy.

But if the MP professed Islam, and married then we Muslims have the right to question ourselves, what is wrong with us that we choose these kind of people as our leaders.

The real BIG concern and consternation is .. how low has dirty politicking has become?
We have heard alot lately, from former PKR MPs being bribed with prostitutes, PAS MP di fitnah khalwat case and now an MP with nude photos in the net.

All those point to pressure to bring down Pakatan Govts.. and hence dirty politicking.

If I were Elizabeth Wong I would just smile my widest grin... and say "See, didnt I look good?"


Anonymous said...

spot on! the political games are much more dirtier than whatever they are trying to potriat.

desibaba said...

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